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I suffered from a fear of failure, as things had not gone according to planned after my time off from my injuries. It had been an paralyzing disability (fear) but my healing is coming along nicely, and I hope to pass my level 4 before the end of 2011.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Whole Heart: #1...WOW...I am awe struck!

Completely and utterly gobsmacked!  I just got my two new books that I bought, and I think I have just found an unlikely source of a philosopher.  I haven't even started the first chapter...just the forward and the preface, and I am touched to my soul.  What book is that you ask?

Whole Heart, Whole Horse
Building trust between Horse and Rider
By Mark Rashid

The preface alone has enough in it to cause me to lick and chew for a lifetime.  I cannot wait to meet him in the spring when he comes to town, and I am more than thrilled that I signed up for a 1/1 lesson with him in Nov '11.  Nearly a year, but something tells me, it will more than be worth the wait.

So it starts out with this seemingly innocent question he had in the early morning fog between sleep and coherent thoughts of being awake.

And how that very simple question, gave him a profound epiphany to his teachings and horsemanship.  His journey to the answer to the question is the sum of the preface.  I have to say that he is an excellent writer as well.  It just sucked me in, and before I could move on, I just had to share my excitement.

So here is the question, try to answer it for your self, and I will get back to you on his answer...it will most assuredly surprise you, as it did me!

"What is mightier....the Rocks in the Grand Canyon, or the River that Runs through it?"

Feel free to comment your answer, and the reason you chose what you chose.

Savvy On

Book: Whole Heart, Whole Horse by Mark Rashid

1 comment:

  1. The first answer is the water, as it is strong enough to disolve stone. the second is the rock, because despite the strength of the water, the rock still stands.

    but the third and real answer...

    When your standing there, taking in the beauty of it all....does it really matter?

    that is the answer


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