"A horse is like a mirror, and it's reflecting what and who you are."

This is just a little diary of my horse life. I teach natural horsemanship and dressage. I am currently working on getting back to L4 Parelli after a car accident and surgery.

I suffered from a fear of failure, as things had not gone according to planned after my time off from my injuries. It had been an paralyzing disability (fear) but my healing is coming along nicely, and I hope to pass my level 4 before the end of 2011.

I don't know where I am going, but I am NOT lost!

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Monday, May 31, 2010

ChaCote's first trailer load

Here is the video....this is the first time where Cha'Cote CHOSE to go in a trailer, instead of being run thru a chute and shoved in, terrified for his life. Even though it was only 2-3 times, I know it left a memory he never forgot. and I just love how he got in. Once he gave it his stamp of approval, he was good to go.....now for the back feet....but in good time.

I am in no rush.....totally on his timetable.

Savvy On

As if it couldn't......my weekend got even better!

So I thought I would play with Rose and do a dry run of our online L3 audition, so I can look at it and see where I need to improve. Well let's just say....sometimes you need to get while the gettins good 

I must have been direct line as all heck, cuz she went LBI big time. Some things were awesome....like playing with 45'line , zone 5 driving, and trailer loading from zone 5 and from me on bottom of hill, her and trailer on top of hill, all while Snookie was screaming and running around thinking we were leaving without her. Everything else was no where as good as the day before, and somewhere in there I think I got the middle hoof from a very indignant LBE! And justly deserved it

I was frustrated and gave up. BUT....

I didn't want to lose yesterdays high, so I got Cha'cote, whom I havn't played with for the last month....just undemanding time.

I decided while I had the trailer door tied open, I would give it a go and prayed for the best (out of me)

Would you believe..........

I was so good....I went from frustrated to patient instantly
Why couldn't I have done it with Rose????
He got in the trailer with his front feet  OMG! He really didn't put up much of a fuss either. Not like he went straight in or anything, but he only said no a handful of times. the rest of the time he WAS trying. even if he only bumped it with his shin. (he taught me.....a while back....it is no accident if any part of him touches any thing. he is aware of everything and would never accidentally touch something he didn't want to) In the end he got in 5 times!

I am so proud of him, and am uploading video right now!

I cant wait to take him somewhere and show him off. he is soo pretty. and doing soooo goooooooood!



Sunday, May 30, 2010

FS/L3 Cantering Breakthrough! Edited version from savvy forum

Wow, the last three days have been a doozy....I know I won't be able to walk tomorrow.

So I have been mulling (avoiding by hangin on my couch) over my L3 freestyle audition. Ride good ole, but old and out of shape 26yo Snookie. Or let Rose carry her torch, and figure this thing out with her. Also, now that I have passed level 2, and just recently my Liberty L3....I am finding a desire to do L3 things online....desire is not something I have had for a while. But, I felt confident on friday and started some zone5 driving with one rein. things went well  My second big move back into L3. Whew!

I trimmed feet on sat, so that was a wasted day (fear causes many a wasted day) but had a playday scheduled for sunday at the local arena with my friend. So today I met her there, Rose and Snookie, saddle and bareback pad, 22' & 45", not knowing what I would have the desire, confidence or skill to tackle. I just knew I needed to play with L3, with someone. I saddled Rose, and my body was in total shaky tremors.  As is the ritual...prior to taking her in the arena, I had my final cigarette to help calm my nerves.


Turns out, after a great online warm-up working on yo-yo transitions...... the thing that was in our way of getting back in tune......
I had a wonderful L4 Liberty session with Rose.....with other horses in the arena, one of them being Snookie and she was loose at liberty as well. I only wished there were more obstacles to play with. She never once left me. We did a 30' long sideways to me, stick to me, circling, change of direction, pushing a ball, sideways from zone 1 and god only knows what else. I was in such a blissfull state....I can't even remember it all.

THEN....I mounted with cookies.  After reading the little article 'nothing to brace against" pg 74 this months savvy times, she never even tried to bite me while I mounted or saddled either  Which worked way better than just the loving and petting I was doing.  I haven't "defended" my space while saddling or mounting for years, unless she actually got close enough to bite me.  I have honestly tried EVERY technique known to man and the best one was loving her through her defensiveness to protect her dignity & body, as she will not tolerate things being done TO her.  IE: you better have the right attitude and skill or you may not live through the experience to tell another of your failure.  So I am proud of myself, helping her through this and being one of the few that she respects to touch her and preserve her dignity.

So off we went and we were in total harmony. I was using a neck string, walk and perfect trot transitions, sitting trot was AMAZING, porcupine sideways and turn on FQ/HQ was light as a feather, backing...perfect. I was in heaven and remembering how much I love this horse and what a magical and wonderous LBE she is. I'm gonna yada-yada-yada over the next part, where someone came in the arena couldn't respect that Rose has SEVERE issues with other horses not respecting her personal bubble,  and rather than asking ME if I would LIKE help and if so, how THEY could be of help to me, they way "I" would like to be helped....they just kept acting as if I don't know WHAT to do and barging into our bubble...........aaarrrggggg....unless you bring cookies....stay the heck away from me!  

I would love to have a session with other like minded riders, and have them approach us and give her a cookie and leave.  Lather rinse repeat. It has been a great tool in changing her perception of saddling and mounting, and works INSTANTLY.  So I have a feeling, it would change her perception of other horses encroaching into her space.  The other thing I would like to try, which my friend and I were doing before interrupted, and was working well, was to have ME be a good protector of my herd, and ME keeping the other horses out of her space with the carrot stick.  The problem is that she doesn't trust me to protect her bubble while in the saddle, so she assumes the leader position and attacks anyone who comes too close to her.  So my friend obliged and let me shoo her and her horse away with the carrot stick.  And it changed Rose's mood about her horse coming close.  So my position on this is.... if you don't respect the way I choose to fix my horses problem, then at least respect my request to keep your distance.  I don't force my ideas on you, please don't try to force yours on me. 

So we left the arena....as I couldn't take it anymore, but was not ready to give up my fun day.  I ponied Snookie and we went on a trail ride around the ranch.  I had my hands full with ropes, but it was fun and I was enjoying myself. It was hot, but I didn't care (not a good idea....heat exhaustion soon to follow).

After the trail ride my friend was done and dismounted and I told her wanted and needed her help cantering in the round pen. Her eyes got big and she asked if I was sure. "YUP" lets go. Snookie tied to the outside, friend in the middle of round pen, one fat old lady, and a leaping LBE.

I asked her to point and support with carrot stick, when she could see me asking for canter, I grabbed a bunch of mane and went for it. I porcupined with seat and legs and cantered with my body, she supported me...and Rose was a leaping. I held on, disengaged and asked again. She leaped again, and tossed in a kick for good measure. Lather rinse repeat, third time I kept asking until she quit leaping and actually cantered. woooo hoooo. We went both directions with her cantering from my cues only, no support from friend in the middle. About 6 laps each direction.

It was spectacular.....well I am sure hideous to watch....but for me it was SPECTACULAR. I couldn't have been more thrilled if I was riding a cloud.
Called it a day and got off.

I then proceeded to pass out! It was just snowing 2 days ago in the hills and now it is so hot I got heat stoke 

I managed to make it to the barn, pack up, get home, unload and jump in the ice cold pool. AAAHHHHHH!

The best part was that I wasn't afraid when I decided to canter, and I wasn't afraid at ALL while I was cantering. NONE.....maybe it was the heat and I was delirious! But who care's....I wasn't afraid!

I can feel EVERY muscle in my body aching.....but I don't care.....today was a GREAT day! 

I plan on getting my OLL3 taped VERY soon, maybe even today.

And now I have hope that I don't have to leave Snookie at home to go to the arena to tape my L4 Liberty, I should be able to do it with Snookie loose or at least tied in the arena with us.....whew!  And I have hope that I can tape my L3 Freestyle before the end of next summer With ROSE! Then I will be getting close to where I was before the car accident, minus the Finesse and Freestyle, and can start to focus on actually continuing my education, instead of just trying to get to where I left off.

Thanks for a fun day Brit!  Probably one of my best days in the last year....and if it is NOT.....I can't think of any that were better!

Savvy On

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hold on to your knickers, my kid is gonna RIDE!

Well, of course I am not holding my breath on this, but Jason has decided that he wants to complete ALL of level 2 including riding. He has no desire to try and ride Spirit, of which I doubt I would let him attempt it anyways. Spirit just isn’t a riding pony. And certainly not a good choice for a new rider to get his feet wet with. So of course there is better choice than good ole Snookie. No guarantee’s with her either, but she is a pretty safe bet as long is Rose is nearby. She is old, and tired, and as long as she is not pushed into an RBE panic by Rose going walk about without her, she should be perfectly lazy and forgiving for Jason to learn on. So I am debating bareback or a saddle. I do not have a saddle Jason’s size, but she has such a high wither for bareback. Hmmmmm descisions, descisions. Likely it will be bareback, and since it will be walking only for a while, I think we will be ok. I plan to have him start tomorrow, after letting every one out to graze for a while, as it has been raining for 3 days. For goodness sakes……it is almost JUNE……..and it is STILL raining!

Cha’cote has learned a domestic trick of destroying a fence to get the grass on the other side. We are going to have to take action tonight before he pushes the whole thing down. I planned on having him in the back with the others by now, but have been waiting for it to stop raining for good. Maybe July? At least that is how it feels. My only worry is that he will bond to the herd, or get hurt. Descisions, Descisions!

I have a fun day planned with my friend this weekend to take the wonder twins to the local arena for a fun play day. Maybe even get my FSL3 or OLL3 taped. But not holding my breath. The girls have been depressed in the rain, and who knows how they will react at a new place having not gone anywhere in 9mos. Wish me luck and fun. And may all of you enjoy your extended weekend with your furry friends!

Savvy On

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

OH….. MY………GAWD! Jason Passed with a 1++

Well, it’s official. Jason Passed with a 1++, and the little darling got higher scores than I did on my OLL1! 3 of his scores were in the 1+, 6 were 1++, 3 were in the 2, and 11 in the 2+…..AND he got a 2++ on rope handling skills and a L3 on his squeeze!


Fantastic audition Jason, very well done. Your rope handling skills are excellent and I was impressed with your squeeze game too. Being RBI continue to grow Spirit’s confidence onto your 22’ line. Well done!

Now, I can only imagine his head is gonna be soooo big it won’t fit through the front door…..and heaven forbid I be able to continue to tell him how to do things. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope his itty bitty ego doesn’t get the better of him. Since he is terrified to ride horses, at this point his Parelli future will only include online and maybe liberty. But, one never knows what the future holds for anyone, let alone a child. So, as always, one day, one step, one task, one pattern, one level, one savvy at a time.
May we all...

Savvy On


Monday, May 24, 2010

100th post! A no halter hoof trim for the mustang!

Well after a grueling 3 hrs raking and picking up leaves n such with my son at the local cemetery for one of his Boy Scout service projects. I was spent. My back, arms, shoulders and neck, had enough. I came home and rested a bit. Then went out and turned Cha’Cote loose. I followed him around, spending undemanding time in zone 5. Previous to the last week, the best I could do was to pass THROUGH zone 5 to get the other side. He mostly was standing still for this. But still every once in a while would have to take a step sideways in the back to help me hurry along. I have NO desire to get kicked, so I was in no rush to complete this task. So I started about 10 feet behind him just standing there as he grazed. If he moved a bit so he could see me, I just moved to stay behind him. Eventually I was close enough to be just out of hoofs reach. I spent about 15 minutes back there, and he was quite ok with it to be honest. I however, took a little more time. Later I haltered him for a pedicure on his front feet. This time I left the hoof stand in front of him, for him to start to get used to it being there when I trim. I am hoping next time I will get to use it so I can do a bit of a better job without dying. When I finished the front left, my body couldn’t take any more. I decided to do the other foot later in the day. I took the halter off, and walked into the garage, turned around, and he was still standing in the driveway. I went back out, petted him, and walked back into the house to get the camera. He was still there. So I snapped some pictures, went back in the garage, and again, he didn’t move. Well who couldn’t take advantage of this opportunity? So I started to trim the right foot…..no halter! I got a ways into it when Miyagi the terror came waltzing up to him. I ran her off, but now he was too uncomfortable to stay without a halter as Rose and Snookie the dynamic duo were headed our way! I haltered him, finished the right foot, set him free, and collapsed on the couch. Sunday I was still weak, so did nothing again. However, I turned Cha’cote loose again, and saw my mane and tail brush near by. So I picked it up to brush his mane, and decided, with no halter again, to attempt to brush his tail. This has been taboo! I could touch it, and hold it for a few seconds, but not long enough to brush it. Well no more. He stood and let me brush the ENTIRE thing! I just love that little mustang. So here we are 5 months after him never being haltered or gentled, to having his tail brushed and hoof trimmed with no halter! What a good boy!

Savvy On


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jasons OLL1 Parelli Audition Pass 1++

Well he did it! My 11yo son has completed OLL1. Here is his audition. I am sending it in tomorrow. This was take 2. Take 1 he was a little chatty in between tasks and we went over in time. So take 2, is a teeny bit "rushed". Spirit of course is still working on getting better in the "back" after trotting, but he is getting better. As an EXTREME RBI, he basically has his throttle on the floor, with the brake pushed down hard too. If you let up on the brake.......he spins his wheels and burns rubber! I am so proud of him. He has trained him all by himself, and is following the Parelli Levels Pathway to a tee. We rescued Spirit from a VERY abusive situation almost nine years ago and he is partialy blind in his right eye from the abuse. After getting kicked by Spirit 7 yrs ago falling off of him, Jason hasn't gotten "back in the saddle" till they started thier Parelli Journey only 6 weeks ago. They still need to refine things, but what a wonderful start they have going. Hope you enjoy, I know I did!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I passed my Liberty L3!

I got a 3+!!!!!!!! I figured I would not get a 3++ if I passed at all. So I am happy with a 3+. All the comments were spot on, and things we are working on any ways. She was particularly LBI while taping, but I went with it because, I needed to for that dang fear make over! I am getting closer, as I feel this strong urge to just go for OLL4. But NO! I am forcing myself to go one level, one savvy at a time. That way I don’t over face myself or my horse. Plus, it is giving me the self confidence, to stay in the game and not check back into La La land! But I do plan on hopefully taping OLL3 before months end. We got our cantering going again. I know if I was out with an arena, this would be a no brainer. But I am not, so…..it is what it is. I will be traveling to the closest arena for my L3 freestyle and L4 online and Liberty. Doing all that I can possibly do in my crummy little front yard!

So here are the comments:

“Great audition Michelle! I loved your close circles and your weave. As you progress start to use your energy to drive/draw, only use your stick if you need to. Refine your cues by using a long phase 1 quick 2-3-4.”

Wooo Hooooo! Go Me!

Jason and Sniff THAT!

Jason did wonderful Friday night. I did as planned and hid carrots all around the yard. Explained to Jason the “rules” of the “send”. It took Spirit a few tries, but he finally got the idea that Jason was sending him to something cool. UNTIL we got to the trailer. Even though he sniffed and found the carrots on the tire fenders and running boards, he would not sniff to find it in the back door. He would just jump in, turn around and then eat the carrot. I guess having a pony who is afraid of the trailer, not refusing to get in, even when an 11yo kid is loading him, isn’t such a bad thing. We made several attempts, but he refused to even look at the carrot until he was IN the trailer. So this got me thinking. He obviously isn’t THINKING his way INTO the trailer. He is REACTING his way in.

So I had Jason start yo-yo-ing him up to and back away from the trailer, NOT letting him actually get into it. Voila! He sniffed the trailer, ate the carrot and then jumped in. That was all I was going to have them do for the day. But Jason insisted on doing his list. They ran through all the tasks, doing each of them a little better than last time. His sideways is coming together well. Using the pole gave Jason and Spirit the visual they needed to not go forward. They did not play again over the weekend due to a sleep over and the pool! Tonight he has Scouts and it is suppose to rain, so they will probably get back to it tomorrow or Wednesday.

As for me, I didn’t do anything but give EVERYONE a bath on Saturday. My arms were like limp noodles when I was done. Cha’Cote was a DREAM. He barely moved at all. I was quite proud of him. Snookie, Cha’Cote and Miyagi all had to roll when I was done. Rose never rolls. I guess she just likes to be clean. Spirit for some reason didn’t roll either. Not like him, but he was a glistening white so I didn’t care!

I have some hoof care to get done on Snookie and Rose, so I doubt I will get much done till that is complete. Sighs…..lots of chores to do….Always!

Savvy On


Friday, May 14, 2010

Jason playing in all but 1 task!

Well, what can I say. My kid is a genius! Just kidding….not quite, but he sure is doing good. Still stubborn and argumentative. Bless is little heart. While playing with trailer loading, he just couldn’t get it out of his head that the horse doesn’t HAVE to sniff it before he gets in. And he was determined to get that pony to sniff it. I told him he didn’t have to, but ya know, if the paper says it…..by golly that IS what he is going to do. And his mother, with 38yrs experience with horses, a level 4 Parelli student, instructor and trainer of over 200 horses, was NOT going to tell him otherwise! Of course when Spirit refused to sniff, but kept offering to get in, he conceded with red watery eyes. So tonight, I plan on hiding carrots all around the yard and trailer, and have Jason and Spirit have a big long ‘sniff this” play session. I doubt Spirit will say no, it is just that Jason is still learning the subtleties of the “send”, and with Spirit getting more revved up on circling driving from zones 2-3, I thought it would be better to wait and save it for last in his level one journey, to give him a chance to be more savvy. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. I will just have to give him a chance to find out tonight.

Other wise, everything he has been playing in, is going great. He added yo-yo thru a “gate”, we used the barrels as we just don’t have a gate smaller than 12’, except in the back away from his women. So that will be done well after he can do it well between barrels. We moved the sideways with a fence over to a pole, as I think they both better understand it there. Spirit tried to barrel over him a few times at the fence, and it seemed neither was ‘getting’ the don’t go forward part of the sideways. It definitely was better with the pole. We also added the backwards from the nose and lower the head and they both did great with that. Spirit and Jason are also starting to get the porcupine in the HQ’s. The hardest thing for them both is the back up from a trot. He does ok with me, but the two of them have a hard time doing it straight. So I have been having them work on pushing the front end away while backing. It is getting a teeny bit better each day. But I am not worried about it, as the whole point of the exercise is that he can lead and stop safely, keeping from getting run over, and he can. The only task he is not playing in yet in L1 is driving from zone 2. But he will get there soon enough. All in all, they are doing great, and as a mother, I couldn’t be more proud of him.

A new 45' line and 40yo gunsil!

OMG! Last night, for the first time, I tried out my 45' line (lariat). I have always used one I made of 1/4 in marine rope, like the 12'/22' only skinnier. But it has been destroyed for quite a while now. I probably would have made a great "funniest home video" last night. I was getting tangled in it, tripping on it, getting it twisted in curls and knots. I don’t know how, but at one point it was around my NECK! While circling, I was stepping over it, again and again, only to realize I never made it OVER the dang thing. Rose was tripping on it.....WAIT!!!....She is the LBE who DOMINTATES the rope, when I dominate her....So I bet she was having a blast getting it between her legs and then stepping on it.

Just like, WAY back in the day, when I first got my 22' and felt like I had 300 feet of rope to get tangled in. Oh, LORD! I realized last night, just how much a part of my life, the 'rope' has become. I instinctually know where it is, and when to step over it. I don’t’ even put a single thought into it, where it is, or what it is doing. But 'ROPE' definitely has a life of its own. It is not a stagnant object in the horse world, and certainly not the parelli world. The 45' has a very different life than the marine rope. I will now refer to it as the LBE of the rope world! At times, it felt like it was alive and out to get me. I know Rose was laughing at me. How could she not? I would have been.

It took us both a while, but we got the hang of it. I finally figured out, it's own "feel', and how to make it work FOR me and not AGAINST me.

It's about time too. The thing has been laying out there, coiled neatly around a cone for months, in hopes that one day, I just may use it. So now that I have, thankfully, I will never feel, or look THAT dumb again with it.

The good news to the whole thing is that Rose cantered. Not just a few strides. Oh NOOOOO, she was a cantering FOOL! Couldn’t stop her….but a’cantering she was. It has plagued us for a while now. First getting the respect back with yo-yo transitions on a circle with a long phase one and a swift and just phase 4. I just couldn’t keep her in the canter. Well with the new “rope”, even she was trying to figure out the “feel’ of the rope. I wiggled that thing like mad, and it did NOTHING! Well not nothing, the part behind my hand was going crazy and somehow hit me in the back of the head! Of course that does nothing for stopping a horse. So after 6 or 7 laps….that’s right 6 or 7 laps in canter, I reeled her in to a manageable distance for rope control, and worked on figuring out the ‘how” to get my message from my hand to the buckle, into her brain and down to her feet. Once she was closer, I had even more rope around my ankles to deal with, and that is when she executed her brilliant plan to dominate that rope. UGH! But I got control of the situation, and soon we had a working yo-yo, though I would liken it to a Ford Festiva, not a BMW! Soon we were back out to good cantering distance and she did great. We even were doing the obstacle pattern, ie: look where you are going, don’t change gait, and BTW….jump when you get to the barrels. And she did. At the end, she was thinking clear enough to yo-yo all the way to the end of the line and from a stick to me in zone 3 from about 20’ away, and from zone 5. She even offered me a sideways toward without the aid of the carrot stick! All in all, it was a great session, I get to add a few checks to my patterns and self assessment, and work on the relationship as we proceed forward!

Great day for Online, the levels, our relationship, my spirit and the world as a whole!

Savvy On

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Whisper sweet nothings in my ear

Oh….oh….I was sooo tired from the show and 8hrs in the car, that I totally forgot this. Friday while I was waiting for Kandi to come and get me to head off for the show, I waited for her in Cha’Cote’s pen. Just loving on him, and stroking his muzzle. I moved up to his ears….a taboo NO NO spot this whole time. I have only been able to stroke them from forehead to neck. Well….no more! I stroked them gently using something similar to one of tellington-jones strokes. Was able to hold it, move it around and even ended up massaging IN his ear! I have to say it was quite the intimate moment for sure!

As for last night. Lazy night after the lesson. I turned everyone out to graze and plopped on the couch. Didn’t move till dark to put them away and feed. Hopefully tonight I will play with OLL3 with Rose and Cha’Cote. We’ll see if Jason is up to playing as well. Should be. He’s at home, no school, bored off his rear I’m sure!

Savvy On


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jason and 3 new games!

Well, as usual, my own play time has been on the back burner for a week. I couldn’t play fri-sun, as I went to Reno with a friend, to hang out with her while she showed her miniature horses. We had fun….but boy was I exhausted when we got home. Monday it was pouring rain AGAIN! And since my horses hadn’t been out to graze since Thursday, I figured I would let them do that instead. So I encouraged my son to peel himself from the WEE wrestling on TV that he soooo loves, to come and play with his pony. We of course started with everything he has now checked off his list, and added three new ones. He started the squeeze between the barrels, sideways along a fence and ………drum roll please…….trailer loading! Spirit actually loads just fine, but is terrified to do it. So I figure since Jason has already gotten all 4 feet on the pedestal, we should be spend time with friendly with the trailer with no where to go. As, that is all Spirit knows. Get in and go somewhere. The somewhere has most always been a new home, with the exception of two trips to a show. So I can imagine how stressful it is for him, as he probably thinks every time he gets in the trailer, he will be leaving his home behind. Best we start showing him that it isn’t always going to be like that. And hopefully build his confidence with the trailer. Spirit had some trouble with the sideways. I played with him, regardless of my son’s disapproval, as he wants to do it ALL himself. But I needed to figure out the ‘how” to do it, so that Spirit could understand ‘what” we were asking of him, so that Jason could do the “doing”. In the end, Jason was able to get a few steps of sideways by himself. I am hoping to get some play time in myself after giving a lesson on the way home. Jason needs to play again too, so we’ll see how that goes.

Savvy On


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Liberty L3 Audition ~ Pass 3+

Well, here it is, my Liberty L3 audition. I met a wonderful new friend online who inspired me to just do it. Thanks Michelle! (not me of course) But like named and minded souls for sure! I am sending it in tomorrow. It went pretty well too! She was a little introverted, and was sour to the figure 8. I have mentioned it before, but a reminder.....I spoiled her to the fig8 when "I" was learning it. Over and Over for and extreme LBE, I don't know how she didn't come and kick my head in. So now, sometimes she is just sooooo uninterested, and tries to make up her own games with the cones. As far as the weave.....it was only our second time doing it at liberty! Recap: Rose's favorite games....put your nose or foot on something.....sideways over something. So if she can take my game of going AROUND the cone and turn it into a sidepass or foot on, she is quite proud of yourself....as you will see in the weave. I tripped in a couple of pot holes....eek....at least I didn't break an ankle. I tuned out a couple of times and forgot I was taping and on a time limit, even though Jason, bless his heart, was giving me the time every 30 seconds. He did a good job taping me. Thank You Baby!

Two more to go for the green string!

Aye, aye, aye Online or Freestyle next?

Wish me luck.......
Michelle.....it is your turn....and I am holding you to it!

Savvy On

Monday, May 3, 2010

My oh My…stubborn kid!

All I can say is Jason is just like ME! He is VERY serious about doing this by himself. All I have to do is set up the task….put a marker where he needs to stand….then tell him the task, and stay out of his way. Sure the tasks are all the same right now….but…I am trying to get him to get himself a little farther down the rope away from Spirit. But it is just easier to put a cone out and tell him to stay behind it than to explain why or how. He just argues with me. He did so good this weekend. Porcupine is getting better, he is more fluid with his carrot stick and rope handling, backing up is getting better. Man that pony sure has the gas pedal stuck down in 1st gear. He is oddly light doing it yo-yo style, but in the leading from zone2 facing same direction, he just doesn’t want to do it for Jason. He does it for me, but there are times when he tests Jason’s leadership and knowledge for sure. Jason is done with his OLL1 patterns and only has a couple of self assessment tasks to go before I will let him tape his audition. We could tape it now, but for the sake of being proper and thorough, he will do each task until he has done it 7 times or more if needed. Anyways, he is working hard on his OLL1, and for the most part, Spirit is on board!

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Jason 1/2 way to audition

First Bath EVER! at OneTrueMedia.com

Finally, Cha’Cote got his first bath ever. 10yrs of dirt and grime washed away. He was sooo oily. When I would pet him, I would have this dried sweat/dirt/oil film left on my hand. Not the normal teeny tiny film. Thick grungy film. I have been waiting for this for months. I have to say that having a lot of horses, by myself, I have gotten spoiled and lazy with my EZ-ALL soap foamer. Kinda have to do something with 5 horses to take care of. It has been so long, (4-5yrs) since I had given a good ‘ole fashioned, labor intensive scrub…I forgot it even existed. He jumped out of his skin when the first drop of water hit him, but with good approach and retreat, he was standing still in no time. So good infact that I got the foamer, attached it to the hose and tried that. Heck NO! He saw the white foam building on the ground, and he bailed hard and fast. I of course just let him go. Can’t risk further damage to my arms, neck or back. Poor guy, he ran strait in to his pen. All the other horses followed him in there and the wind shut the gate on them. He didn’t want to come back out. So we had to play friendly/squeeze with his gate. He reluctantly came back up to the house. I showered him with carrots, and scratched my head. I can’t believe I had to do that. How stupid not to think of just rubbing him down with soap. What a moron. When it dawned on me, I coulda died. I had my gloves on, so I just poured soap on them, and massaged it around his neck, mane, shoulders, back, top of rump and front of face. Places I figured I could rinse it out of easily. He got to a point where he actually explored putting his muzzle in the water spray himself. And stood still for several minutes while I got pretty close with the hose. I couldn’t be more proud of him, and pleased with my training, and with God for creating such a beautiful being. He shined up like a very, very dark (not chocolate) palomino. But prettier! I got some detangler out and rubbed it in his mane, and the remainder on my hands on his face neck and shoulders. His mane was gleaming. And he is so soft and slick now. I can’t wait to get my hands on his tail. I know it is crème colored too, but since having space and access to mud all winter, it is no longer pretty and flaxen. Oh I am so excited, he will be sooo pretty all summer long!

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