"A horse is like a mirror, and it's reflecting what and who you are."

This is just a little diary of my horse life. I teach natural horsemanship and dressage. I am currently working on getting back to L4 Parelli after a car accident and surgery.

I suffered from a fear of failure, as things had not gone according to planned after my time off from my injuries. It had been an paralyzing disability (fear) but my healing is coming along nicely, and I hope to pass my level 4 before the end of 2011.

I don't know where I am going, but I am NOT lost!

I am now reviewing dvd's and books, and blogging my reviews. The link on the left in the categories (DVD Clinician Reviews)will take you straight to it. You will find links to the websites of all dvd clinicians I review and they are located on the left hand side bottom of page of the page. None of the clinicians or trainers I am reviewing, sponsor, endorse or authorize this site. For more info about them please click on thier link.

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Savvy On,

I will be giving Savvy Star Ratings based soley on my opinion of it's value to a parelli student as such

***** Must own

**** Must watch

*** Worth watching, but you won't die without it

** Eh' take it with a grain of salt, you will have to filter alot

* OK, but there is better stuff out there to spend your time and money on

0 stars....skip it, it just isn't worth your time.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Not letting failure, make you feel like a failure.....

Pity Party alert....oh lord...what a day....good and bad.  Big achievements that no one would notice, small failures that stick out like a mutt in a poodle parlor, and of course EVERYONE sees.  So, I decided to take cha'cote to the lesson and playday, figure I could just hang out with him while I am giving a lesson.  Some undemanding time.  Oh boy....the success was that he ripped around, running like a fool.  It was so nice to see this quiet introvert cut loose with the boys.  Sure he was terrified to his very core at first....but they quickly learned they would never be able to sniff him, if he keeps running away from them. So they started mosying up nice and slow.  In the end, Cha'cote was the one instigating PLAY with them.  He even stopped off to see me everynow and then and hang out with me of his own accord.  Can everyone see my heart melting??  We played a little on line.  He got in the trailer OK to get there, not bad...not even 5 min.....My student made HUGE progress in the posting dept today....I was so proud of her

Jaws music inserted here.....

Time to get back in the trailer.  Now since we are having problems, this was not much of a failure....but with all eyes on me....I got nervous, and so did he.....I should have asked them to take thier chatter far, far away.  But....my puny ego thought that would look bad or mean, or that in and of itself would make me some kind of failure.....so.....half hour or so of sheer tortuous patience....he got in.  For the first time I enlisted help from my student, for more than just closing the door.  I have to say, she knows me well enough, that we were almost working as one mind.  She did a great job, of watching when I release, so she could release too.  So that was a cool partnership and a success as well.  But I drove off with my heart sunk low, feeling like the worst of all failures.....Pity Party.......everybody dance now!

Do you know that lil shit, got in the trailer 20+ when we got home!  I think I am gonna have to find some help with this.....I am tired of banging my head on a wall with this and I just don't know how to help him.  I have some ideas for this week......or next weekend.  but the moral of the story.....who am i kidding, I don't know the moral of the story.....My student and I talked for about an hour, while I cried......she is such a good ass kisser!  But really, she reminded me of all my success this year with Cha'cote, the success' I have helped her with, and that feeling good about your self when you are successful is not egotistical, and feeling sad when you fail miserably is not self loathing......I guess there is a moral here.....it is ok to go there....just not ok to live there!

Savvy On

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Playday turns trailer day....good thing!

So I finally had another play day planned, and chose to take Cha'cote because it was a new place, with no toys, and no telling what the ground was like, so no need to risk a fall in the mud trying to ride.  My friend had to work, so there was not much time on the docket to play.  She was going to take some mini's to thier new owner for a visit, and bring her boy to play with while there and invited me along.

As happens all to often, a glitch changed our plans.  Her truck wouldn't start, so I loaded up Cha'cote to pick up the mini's at her place.  I was pleased that Cha'cote loaded well, though not the way I would hope for.  Ever since his first ride on his first outing, he has decided that the trailer is bad.  I had previously asked myself what is needed to be able to go on weeknight playdays with him....and the answer was....he needs to be able to go from his stall to the trailer and load up.  No warm up, no play time first....just get in and go.  So before the time changed, I used each night for nearly two weeks, to come straight home, grab him and go straight to the trailer.  Then the time changed and of course a few other things got in the way of going to a play day.  Anyways, once the door shut, he got worried, but traveled fine to her house.  When I got out to help her load the mini's in the tack room (btw i love my trailer!) I tried to comfort him through the window and he got worse, so I decided to just leave him alone and let him be quiet on his own.  He scrambled a little bit while the babies got in, and off we went.  10min drive, and the sun was already setting when we got there, so I decided it might just be best for him to just sit quietly in the trailer, and realize he was not going to die in there, rather than run into problems getting him back in.

when I got home, he got out in one shot, all 4 feet at once.  I disegaged him, and sat on the trailer edge, with his face in my lap until he started to lick and chew and yawn.  He didnt' seem afraid of putting his head back in the trailer, so I think this may have helped him.  It has been raining all day today, so I hope to either take him to another play day tomorrow, OR maybe take Rose and Snookie and go for a little bit of a ride.  Who knows what I will do.....I guess I will just have to wait and see if he will even be willing to get back in.  Sighs....I wish I had an answer for him...I really do.

Savvy On

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DVD Review:** Ray Hunt "turning loose"

Turning Loose **

I think this is a good place for people to start, who just don't think Natural Horsemanship is needed, or don't know what it is and why people do it.  Warning, this is OLD....don't know the date, but judging by hair styles and clothing, when it was made I was short in the tooth and wearing ditto jeans and velour shirts.  So I am going to veture to guess this is circa the 1970's.  Good God I think he may have been visionary, and been the very first person to make a VHS for sale!  Back then, round these parts, it was not a good time for the horse, and men like Ray Hunt, forged the way and elightened many a hardened cowboy, that horses are more than just a dumb animial.  This dvd is clips from his colt starting clinics, and has alot of interviews from people who learned how to be kind thru his tutelidge.  They tell stories of the horrible things they themselves had done to horses, and show alot of clips of just how bad some horses got treated....and sadly still do to this day.

Much of what he says in this dvd, we have heard from Pat near word for word, as Pat has given him credit where credit is due, this is straight from the horses mouth!  This dvd is primarily a comercial for Hunt and for NH in general.  Bout as close to a modern day tour stop from our well known clinicians if today.  So you won't find a whole lot of 'education' here, but you can ALWAYS learn something from everyone.  So those in higher education, will see usefull bits of colt starting and again horsenality.  Oddly enough, wouldn't ya know, he too drives from behind while circling.  I also noticed his approach to a filly in one clinic, and it is close to how Carolyn does "hello" in the waterhole rituals.  Do not approach without permission!  He calls it "turning loose", but he also uses the term for other things too.

For sure it will spark your brain juices, and remind you of what you have already heard before, but also to hear it from the horses mouth.  to see what can be done if we ourselves turn loose to the horse.  But I have a feeling that since this is more of a promo, that his other dvd's will be a bit more educational.  So because of this, I am only giving this dvd 2 stars. 

The next one of his I will get is "back to the beginning"

Savvy On

Monday, November 22, 2010

DVD Review:* Buck Branneman "from ground up"

From the Ground Up: * ~ 2 Disks

This was a hard review for me to do.  Why?  Because many post Parelli students can't say enough good things about him.  Mainly that he teaches much more advanced stuff in timing, feel and bio-mechanics.  However, most of these people have taken lessons from him, a clinic with him, ridden with him or a student of his...RECENTLY and are not in a colt start situation.....HUGE difference from watching an 18yo colt starting clinic dvd. 

This dvd set brings me instantly back to the "catwalk" incident with Pat a few months ago.  I don't think I have blogged about it yet....guess it is high time to do THAT!  But that is an issue for another post.  But the relevence here, to this review, is this:

During the "Pat and Cat Show" as it infamously became dubbed, I was on the Horse and Hound forum, and defended PNH, as I answered about 200 questions from Parelli Haters, explaining what Parelli is, what NH is, and trying to explain/defend some VERY old videos of Pat trailer loading (circa 1980'ish) Linda and Barney (the one eyed horse circa early 2000's), and Linda and the Grey Arab.  So I thought to myself, before I condemn a man for a video that is nearly 20ys old, I would have to give him the same respect I asked people to give Pat for his 20yo video.  Why?  For God sakes, they are 20 years old. I would hope that ANY horse trainer is significantly better now than they were 20ys ago.  After I watched the first dvd, I asked some current Buck students/post parelli students if this dvd was indicative of the man/trainer he is today.  Of course I was told no, it isn't....but I was also reminded that any good horseman will do what ever they feel is required, based on a split second gut descision, in the face of staying safe, more like alive sometimes, and what will help the horse make a change for the better, while hopefully giving the horse as much 'choice' in the matter as possible, and this includes the likes of Pat Parelli.  I have seen dvd's and video footage, not so old mind you, up to and including Catwalk, where Pat has done just that.  It may not always be pretty, it may not always be appropriate for the venue or audience at hand.  But being a master horseman means helping the horses who cross your path, WHEN they cross your path.  We can't always be so choosy.

As I have said in another dvd review, the dvd doesn't always reflect the "in-person" clinician, nor thier current teachings, and thus, this review does not mean I suggest that one should not seek out auditing or riding with him, which is highly recomended BTW!  And I was highly impressed with his trailer loading dvd, though would like to see how he handles a "Problem Loader".  But if the person also has NOT made any thing current, and they currently sell these old dvd's, I guess we are left with no choice but to judge them based on what is available.  Since I am not rich, and don't have alot of clinicians coming to my area, I can do no less than judge each dvd, from a "home study" student perspective.....the same way I judge Pat and Linda.  Either the material is suitable for home study or it isn't.  So without further adu, here is the review:

Part one: **

First, I would try to order these two parts together, as this one ends in a "to be continued" in the middle of a session with a horse....ooops.  so keep that in mind if renting, try to get them together.  The dvd starts with some difficult to hear audio, because the venue is aparently directly below a small airport!  This is basically a colt starting clinic, and the first thing I notice is that he is on his saddle horse, driving the colt from behind.....hmmmm, how interesting!  Remember in a previous review I said, most of the great masters, actually DO use the water hole rituals, in thier own version....again.....how interesting!

The next thing I notice is that since this is in the infancy of NH becoming "popularized" this is back when most colts were pretty much left alone, and brought in as rank colts to be started, so this is a real plus for Parelli students, that with all that we have learned, are learning, should we be in need of a 'colt start', our horses should 1000% ahead of the game, and not have to endure the harshness that even a master NH horseman can dish out, to save his own hide, while starting a horse that someone else did not prepare them for!  Do your homework people....

I was a bit uncomfortable with some of the harshness, but also know that when you only have a day to make a difference in the lives of 6 colts.....you become 'efficient'.  It was evident to me that Buck knows what he is doing, what he is looking for, and gives the release needed when the horse gives him what he asks.  Compared to some of the cruelest, all too common 'breaking' methods that have been done for centuries, this clinic did it's job of the time period, and showed people that there is a better way, and thank god, it is even better now than it was then.   As he is working with the first colt, in the background, outside the roundpen, are the owners of the next colts, and lets just say.....'oh boy' do they need to learn a thing or two, and clearly are in the right place at the right time.  The antics going on, and the ignorance of the handlers, use to be common place too.  Since most of the people I hang out with are either Parelli or well educated/experience horse people, thankfully I don't see this too often anymore, nor can I say it is me!

Buck is a buisness man.  He is about getting to the business side of the horse and not wasting time.  I think for more advanced students this is a good lesson.  We often are not confident enough, and cause the horse to wait longer than he should to progress.  We do tend to baby them a bit in our own fear or ignorance, and they can infact handle a whole lot more, a whole lot sooner, the better our own skills are, so this is refreshing to see one just get on with it, and not drag it out 7ys from halter starting to saddle starting.

There is definately some things to be learned here.  More experience for our eyes in charting horsenalities.  Looking for the change in the horse. watching for the foot falls, watching the horses body language (eyes, ears, tail etc) and generally seeing how someone else may do things, or what they look for. And just what might take place at a colt starting clinic.  Maybe not with our own horse, but someone elses who has not prepared that horse properly.

Part two: *

This one is the continuation of the ex-racehorse that he was restarting, who didn't want to go forward, from the end of the first video.  This was a good representation of alot of our horses I think, as many of us have some 'stubborn' horses.  Then there was a horse in this part that made it very difficult for me to watch.  I couldn't help but think that given more time, it couldn't be done differently, and what made it very difficult for me to do this review.  It is a 2yo stud colt that had been allowed to get so unruly that he was seriously hurting people.  I think few probably thought much of it at the time, though there were a few questions asked regarding my concernes.  It reminded me of Pat and Cat, and brought up some questions for myself, and reminded me, just why it is so important to help a horse before a problem gets out of hand.  The horse was basically choked down with a lasso.  You could see and hear him struggle to breath, with his tongue hanging out.  Some may suggest that the horse wasn't yielding to him.  But my answer to that is he really didn't offer the horse much other choice.  Yes he saved the life of the horse and human and the problem was solved in the end, but at what cost.  Nothing forced is beautiful, and this is little more than the very thing we all ran away from....with release at the right time.  Call it what ever you want.....coming thru.....but all I saw was a horse that was not given the chance to respond to a less forcefull request, so how on earth does anyone claim to propose what this horse might have done if ask nicer by a master.

It is this reason that I only give this dvd set 1star.  I think a higher level student, or those that rescue, might find more value out of it, for just what a horse might be capable of, and to see higher level solutions to more difficult problems.  But for the average udnergrad.....I only give it 0 stars, and advise if you do watch it, to watch with caution.

I was really hoping that I would see more ground work stuff, and not with vile unstarted horses.  I am told that his "Groundwork" dvd is more what I am looking for, so it is next on the list.  Also hope to attend one of his clinics coming up in april, and compare the dvd to the man.

Savvy On

Sunday, November 21, 2010

DVD Review:** Spanish Walk with Allen Pogue

Spanish Walk and Liberty Pole: **

Yet again, I had to do alot of 'filtering'  But I will say, it gave me alot of IDEAS.  And while I am watching it, all I can think of..IS....why in the HELL don't Pat and Linda do trick dvd's.  Absolutely rediculous that they don't.  As I watched, I was thinking of the many ways, I would have to tweak the 'training' to make it go along with the way I would go about teaching this to the horse.  The problem is, I did infact get inspired by watching this.  NOT because of his method, but because where else was I going to get the ideas on how to do something fun, cool, useful.  Yes, spanish walk is useful. IMO.  Clinton Anderson will be coming out with a 'trick' dvd soon, I think I will have to watch it too!

So here is the deal.  There are quite a few upper level parelli students doing this stuff, and I know it wasn't taught by parelli, but OBVIOUSLY the intrest is there, or students wouldn't be doing it.  I too want to do it, and think it would be a fun way to fill the gloomy winter months.  But I didn't honestly have much of a clue how to start.  So in this dvd, first thing i realized is that there was a pre-curser dvd I should have rented, which is the "shaping behavior' dvd where he teaches the "salute".  That is the pre-requisite to the spanish walk as it teaches the horse to raise and hold it's leg up.  But, I saw enough in this dvd, that I think I can go without, although I will rent the dvd.  Since I was already thinking of what "cue" I would use rather than his incesant voice commands, and exclusive use of the the whip, I got the idea of how to start the 'salute' anyways.

So how he does it, like i said, is voice and whip touches to the legs.  I would prefer to use MY leg as the cue, and the whip touch as the motivator (phase 2-3-4).  I would also like to stand facing forward, so this can be a "stick to me" "mirror me" game.  He does have good tips of what NOT to do, how far NOT to take it.  His use of his 'liberty pole' seems a bit unrealistic, though it works for him.  I can think of better, more natural and 'get in harmony' ways to do it.

So I am giving him 2 stars again, as I am sure there are better trick training dvd's out there, AND I believe there are better ways to do it as well, BUT as I said, 2 stars for getting my imagination flowing and giving me a starting point.

Savvy On

Monday, November 15, 2010

DVD Review:** Fundamentals of Trick Training with Allen Pogue

 Fundamentals of Trick Training ** 

Hmm, what can I say. Sometimes when you can’t get the info where you would like to get it from, you gotta go somewhere else. THEN you gotta filter a lot, and put your own spin on it. This is one of those video’s. Since I have not seen ANY other trick training videos by anyone else, I cannot compare just yet.

Is he ‘gentle’ NO. it is “abuse” NO. is it worth watching….hmmm good question. I think it will depend on your experience, point of view, what you want to do with your horse. I found it Interesting, and educational, but instantly knew I would not do it just as he described. It gave me ideas, and most of it was exactly how I taught Snookie years ago how to stretch herself. It showed me what I already knew, and the next steps to take, to turn the stretch into a bow. Some of his techniques I would say that you have to be a L4 student to try them, in case you get yourself into trouble, you have a better chance of getting yourself out of trouble the more skilled you are. He uses a hobble at some points, which I think you should be very skilled to try this.

I went to a students place for a lesson. One that has been needing to learn some ‘tricks’ to keep them both going as they both get bored quickly. I instructed her through it, in a modification using Parelli strategies, and we had her 3yo paint gelding LBI bowing in a matter of 10min!

So I would say that if you want to learn some tricks, this is not a bad video. No one says you have to be as….er’ um…..”to the point’ as he is. It will definitely give you some ideas on how to teach the bow, you will just have to ‘tweak’ things, which is why I am only giving this dvd 2 stars. I will be getting a few more of his dvd’s, the next one is the Spanish walk dvd. Then I will try to get another trick trainers dvd’s to compare technique and style.

Savvy On


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DVD Review:***** Klaus Hempfling: Coming together

Coming Together *****

Sorry for the delay, my mom had run herself over with her car a few weeks ago, and I have been spending a lot of time caring for her, along with 5 horses, a 12yo kid and a husband and his new puppy!

As I was watching this dvd, a few things started to fall into place with in my mind. It was kind of a light bulb moment, that with too much on my plate has caused that moment to get a bit smeared before I could focus my thoughts back into coherence. So what I learned over the years, is that when your GOOD your GOOD and your horses know you are GOOD before you do. And unfortunately, the opposite is soo true as well. But what makes you GOOD in your horses’ eyes? That is for sure the question isn’t it. The holy grail, all caring horse owners search a lifetime to discover and then hopefully master.

I watched the WHR’s first, then Klaus (dances), then WHR’s again, then Klaus (coming together). Since Klaus is more ‘mystical’ you have to REALLY watch and listen or you will miss A LOT. The subtleties of a true master can go un-noticed by the novice student, admired by the amateur, and truly appreciated as ART by the under grad student. I noticed, he too was doing the WHR’s, just doing them HIS way. And in fact, to a great degree do all the masters, in some form or fashion. This now undeniable fact, completely solidifies my decision to further my education beyond Parelli. As one practitioner may have just the right spin on the technique or concept that YOU or YOUR horse may need.

This dvd is much more educational than the first one, though as one used to the teaching style of the parelli’s, you have to have your pen and paper out as you watch (the second time) to take notes on all the golden nuggets of mastery that are in there. I think that this dvd should first be just watched, then watched again taking notes….think about your thoughts for a few days, then watch it again. You will see ten times more the 3rd time around after you have had that time to digest your own ramblings on concepts, techniques and philosophy.

This dvd will likely enhance all your beliefs on body language, and if you let it, it will take you to the a higher level of communication than you ever thought possible. It absolutely goes hand in hand with WHR’s and Parelli. And if you are a fumbling L3/4 parelli student who is floundering around with little guidance from your long held respected teacher…..this IS what you are looking for. If you are a L1/2 student you can still benefit from watching it, as it may give you a better basic understanding of body language, and just how important it is. And how it can directly effect you from the second you first approach your horse each day. The question you have to ask your self is not ‘how good do you want to be with horses?” rather….”do you want to be great with horses?”

I believe that Resnick/Hempfling/Parelli: is theTRI~FECTA of horsemanship as far as dvd home study goes. Clinics, lessons, and other forms of study are a whole different learning style, and a clinicians value can be drastically different in a different type of venue or environment.

A lot of what Parelli does, is similar to what Resnick/Hempfling does. Of course NOT in the current home study program, and of course with the Parelli spin on it. It is no secret, that I am NOT a fan of the current levels program. And I NEVER will be. The current pathway, separation of the savvy’s, audition, patterns, yeah sure great….but as far as levels packs go…My opinion is they were way closer to a grand slam in the beginning than they are now. One thing that always needs to be kept in mind as a Parelli student is that this is a FOUNDATION program for the HUMAN. Going on beyond L4 or becoming a Parelli Professional, means that you now TEACH……….. warning: hold on to your panties here………..FOUNDATION for HUMANS. You do not learn the icing. You are simply going from the human foundation STUDENT to the human foundation TEACHER. The subject matter stays the same. So for the icing at this point you MUST go outside.

So this dvd will definitely help you with your L3/4 online, and as we all know, liberty is not different, it is just the truth of your strength of bond and communication of your online. There is actually a lot to be learned here, you just need an open mind, and a scathingly critical eye to see the man behind the magic. He does give instruction in this dvd, and some of it, not much, is opposite of Parelli at first glance. But in reality of refinement, and mastery, it is frequently similar. The one thing that he, and most other NH’rs do, that is different, is that in circling, he does not stand still in the center. There is a VERY real and justified reason for this and I am going to blog more about this particular subject later, as what I am re-discovering from my roots, is that parelli’s definition of micro-management, is actually true harmony. In the beginning learning stages for either the horse or human, the Parelli version of ‘neutral’ has it’s vital place as a TOOL, but in MHO, it is not a RULE, and does NOT replace, negate, or substitute this other very legitimate technique. And to use”nuetral’ as the end-all~be-all, just may actually keep you from the refined, higher level harmony you seek. As I said, more on this later, I just felt it was vital to mention it as part of this review, because I don’t think we should dismiss another master for their lack of “Parelli style Neutral” as both have their place in horsemanship as an art form.

In one of your reviews of this dvd, I recommend that you look for similarities to Parelli and WHR’s, rather than it’s differences, in a positive and progressive mind set. Look and ye shall see.

I am reviewing this dvd one more time before returning it, and will continue to blog about my experiences and understandings of this very unique, honest to goodness, one of a kind, horse whisper.  And have decided I am going to have to buy this dvd!

Savvy On


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Horsemanship DVD reviews and critue

I started a new segment in my blog….dvd reviews. If you look to the left, in the Categories, you will see a link ‘Clinician DVD Review”, Just click on that and it will take you to all the DVD reviews I have done so far. I have been using Giddyupflix.com. It is a GREAT resource for valuable educational material. Rent movies like Netflix, and keep them as long as you like! Pat and Linda have really spoiled me on my expectations, as they have given me much over the years, and have left some mighty large shoes for anyone else to fill. I feel let down by the program at the moment. There just isn’t enough ‘how to’ info for the higher levels in the program, so I am forced to seek help from other avenues. It would be wonderful….for me….if Linda finished her version of the program and came out with a level 3-4 to complete the red and blue packs. Until then, I am getting exactly what I need on the outside. One of the things I find is a bummer about the savvy forum is that so many people are so uptight about not being PURE Parelli. So it is difficult to ask for opinions and critiques of other clinicians, as people are afraid to answer. It would be nice to have a ‘review’ that is coming from a Parelli perspective…..so here I am. I am getting close to 8 dvd’s a month, and since I have a critical eye, am full of opinions, and have no qualms in sharing those opinions, this should be no waste of your time to stop by and give it a read.

PLEASE: feel free to comment with your own thoughts or opinions on the dvd's

I will be giving Savvy Star Ratings based on its value to a Parelli student as such

***** Must own
**** Must watch
*** Worth watching, but you won't die without it
** Eh' take it with a grain of salt, you will have to filter alot
* OK, but there is better stuff out there to spend your time and money on
0 stars....skip it, it just isn't worth your time.

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Savvy On,

Dog~gone Day a puppy video...CUTE!

This is our new puppy MONDO playing with Zach the Cat and his BGB....Big Green Ball.....lame....but who doesn't love puppy's?

Friday, November 5, 2010

DVD Review:**** Klaus Hempfling: Dances with horses

Dances with Horses: ****

This is his first video, and I honestly think while not particularly educational, it is the prelude to his second more 'how to' dvd, but there are philosiphical things to be learned. It is an old video, back toward the birth of NH and it is tantalizing to watch him. He…in my book, truly IS a horse whisperer. The target audience in this is the same in all 'intro' things clinicians do.  Alot of, 'horses don't have to be so hard', and 'we don't have to be so violent".   I would start with this dvd for sure, then immediatly get his second dvd. He has a deep connection with the cosmos, himself and the horse. He describes how it is our selves, in our approach to a horse, that instantly causes a horse to behave the way it does. Basically, it isn't the horse that has problems, it is YOU.  They truly are our mirrors.  If you approach a horse properly to begin with, you will not illicit such ill behavior. So if you come across a horse with a long history of violent behavior, it will take a few min for him to see your inner spirit and calm down, if you have it together.  Of course, this is not saying you can just watch the dvd, go out and not get killed.  But it clearly demonstrates how he literally gives a horse nothing to brace against…NOTHING. He never pulls on a rope, and never wiggles it or anything, not even a light touch with it. His hands are soft and open on the rope. 100% body language. No learn burns here.  In fact he mostly uses a "cordero". I have no idea if this is the real name for it.  I know a riding neck rope, kinda like using a savvy string around the neck for riding, is called a "cordeo", but it is stiffer than a savvy string.  Anyways, he uses this soft neck rope with a lead on it, instead of a halter.  Not in all situations though. 

I highly recommend this dvd to get a feel of him. Warning: He has/had a goofy, wierd, odd, spiritual way of “exercising”, that kinda makes you think he is a little bit of a fruit loop. And really aren’t all genius artists? As I watched, I was thinking….hmm….how do you teach some one to be in touch with a horse by getting in touch with the universe and rolling on the floor like 2yo child, hopped up on lucky charms? Let me tell you this is definitely a more advanced vision, and may not be all that appropriate for a new horse person….but it is still worth a watch for everyone, as just seeing it will let you know, that your crazy horse just may be a reflection of your self. You have to have an open mind and just watch and let it soak in.  You have to be ready for this, to see what is happening in the video.  I am going to get his books for sure, as I bet now that I have seen him in action, the words on paper will have an instant impact on me. This video impressed on me enough to know….there is something magical in what he does, it is refinement in it's finest form, and I am ready to learn it. You know the saying …..when the student is ready the master will appear…
well I am ready and here he is.

I consider this a must watch dvd, as it would be nearly imposible for me to get it right in expaining it. You just HAVE to watch it!

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Coming Together: *****

review coming soon

Savvy On

DVD Review: ***** Water Hole Rituals: Carolyn Resnick

WOW! What can I say…..WOW! I have already blogged about my experiences to date, using the WHR’s quite a bit, so the fact that I am using them happily should be a good review in and of itself. So I will just break down the dvd’s here. I think these are a MUST for the upper level Parelli student. The WHR’s are the missing ‘game’ from the Parelli program. You can liken them, to being expanded ‘undemanding time’, ‘catching game’, and a great way to make your liberty REALLY strong. If you are having difficulties with respect/dominance issues with your Left brain horse, or just can’t make the trust break thru with your Right brain horse that you were hoping for, this just may be the answer you have been seeking.

Liberty Training: **** 

dvd is OLD, and she has refined and expanded, added and deleted since then. But I think the dvd is worth watching, IF you also get the "intro" dvd that is current. It has a great demonstration of how to “meet” a horse for the first time, and how to inspect his space, a GREAT demo of “taking territory”, and some interesting body language ideas in there. I would recommend it as a supplement for sure.  And a great dvd for getting a taste of what the rituals are all about about.  But do not stop at this dvd, you MUST go on to the next quickly as this is just a 'taste' not a how to.

Introduction to the Water Hole Rituals: *****

AWESOME…..OMG, we all should be doing this. The herd may play 7 games, but only the leader plays #8. If you don’t at least know about these rituals, you are really missing out on a lot. This is the enhancement, the something extra, the something special, that is missing in the new Parelli program. She really explains how horses do these rituals of sharing time, space and journey’s together. It is an awesome way to learn how to BE with your horse. This is a MUST see. You need not be an upper level student to watch them, nor to start them.  Any student can and will benifit from them.  And if you have been having trouble.....well lets just say, if you don't at least watch it....the day you finally do, you will kick yourself for not watching them sooner! Consider this episode one of a must have addition to your library.

Panadero’s Journey: *****

Consider this episode 2. A must have. Has a little more depth and examples of the rituals. But I would not start with this dvd.  This is something that I wish I would have had a LONG time ago!

Waterhole reflections: ***

This is simply video of free roaming horses and foals set to new age music. It is to get you in a very spiritual place with your self so you don’t take you troubles to the barn with you. If you are strapped for time, it is not a must do, you can always get an i-pod and play new age relaxing music while you hang with your horse. If you are in a bad mood, this is a great way to detox before sharing your ills with your horse and causing him to need to detox too!

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