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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DVD Review:***** Klaus Hempfling: Coming together

Coming Together *****

Sorry for the delay, my mom had run herself over with her car a few weeks ago, and I have been spending a lot of time caring for her, along with 5 horses, a 12yo kid and a husband and his new puppy!

As I was watching this dvd, a few things started to fall into place with in my mind. It was kind of a light bulb moment, that with too much on my plate has caused that moment to get a bit smeared before I could focus my thoughts back into coherence. So what I learned over the years, is that when your GOOD your GOOD and your horses know you are GOOD before you do. And unfortunately, the opposite is soo true as well. But what makes you GOOD in your horses’ eyes? That is for sure the question isn’t it. The holy grail, all caring horse owners search a lifetime to discover and then hopefully master.

I watched the WHR’s first, then Klaus (dances), then WHR’s again, then Klaus (coming together). Since Klaus is more ‘mystical’ you have to REALLY watch and listen or you will miss A LOT. The subtleties of a true master can go un-noticed by the novice student, admired by the amateur, and truly appreciated as ART by the under grad student. I noticed, he too was doing the WHR’s, just doing them HIS way. And in fact, to a great degree do all the masters, in some form or fashion. This now undeniable fact, completely solidifies my decision to further my education beyond Parelli. As one practitioner may have just the right spin on the technique or concept that YOU or YOUR horse may need.

This dvd is much more educational than the first one, though as one used to the teaching style of the parelli’s, you have to have your pen and paper out as you watch (the second time) to take notes on all the golden nuggets of mastery that are in there. I think that this dvd should first be just watched, then watched again taking notes….think about your thoughts for a few days, then watch it again. You will see ten times more the 3rd time around after you have had that time to digest your own ramblings on concepts, techniques and philosophy.

This dvd will likely enhance all your beliefs on body language, and if you let it, it will take you to the a higher level of communication than you ever thought possible. It absolutely goes hand in hand with WHR’s and Parelli. And if you are a fumbling L3/4 parelli student who is floundering around with little guidance from your long held respected teacher…..this IS what you are looking for. If you are a L1/2 student you can still benefit from watching it, as it may give you a better basic understanding of body language, and just how important it is. And how it can directly effect you from the second you first approach your horse each day. The question you have to ask your self is not ‘how good do you want to be with horses?” rather….”do you want to be great with horses?”

I believe that Resnick/Hempfling/Parelli: is theTRI~FECTA of horsemanship as far as dvd home study goes. Clinics, lessons, and other forms of study are a whole different learning style, and a clinicians value can be drastically different in a different type of venue or environment.

A lot of what Parelli does, is similar to what Resnick/Hempfling does. Of course NOT in the current home study program, and of course with the Parelli spin on it. It is no secret, that I am NOT a fan of the current levels program. And I NEVER will be. The current pathway, separation of the savvy’s, audition, patterns, yeah sure great….but as far as levels packs go…My opinion is they were way closer to a grand slam in the beginning than they are now. One thing that always needs to be kept in mind as a Parelli student is that this is a FOUNDATION program for the HUMAN. Going on beyond L4 or becoming a Parelli Professional, means that you now TEACH……….. warning: hold on to your panties here………..FOUNDATION for HUMANS. You do not learn the icing. You are simply going from the human foundation STUDENT to the human foundation TEACHER. The subject matter stays the same. So for the icing at this point you MUST go outside.

So this dvd will definitely help you with your L3/4 online, and as we all know, liberty is not different, it is just the truth of your strength of bond and communication of your online. There is actually a lot to be learned here, you just need an open mind, and a scathingly critical eye to see the man behind the magic. He does give instruction in this dvd, and some of it, not much, is opposite of Parelli at first glance. But in reality of refinement, and mastery, it is frequently similar. The one thing that he, and most other NH’rs do, that is different, is that in circling, he does not stand still in the center. There is a VERY real and justified reason for this and I am going to blog more about this particular subject later, as what I am re-discovering from my roots, is that parelli’s definition of micro-management, is actually true harmony. In the beginning learning stages for either the horse or human, the Parelli version of ‘neutral’ has it’s vital place as a TOOL, but in MHO, it is not a RULE, and does NOT replace, negate, or substitute this other very legitimate technique. And to use”nuetral’ as the end-all~be-all, just may actually keep you from the refined, higher level harmony you seek. As I said, more on this later, I just felt it was vital to mention it as part of this review, because I don’t think we should dismiss another master for their lack of “Parelli style Neutral” as both have their place in horsemanship as an art form.

In one of your reviews of this dvd, I recommend that you look for similarities to Parelli and WHR’s, rather than it’s differences, in a positive and progressive mind set. Look and ye shall see.

I am reviewing this dvd one more time before returning it, and will continue to blog about my experiences and understandings of this very unique, honest to goodness, one of a kind, horse whisper.  And have decided I am going to have to buy this dvd!

Savvy On



  1. Michelle, you might enjoy this video of Walter Gegenschatz, Parelli 4Star Instructor from Switzerland, playing the driving game on a circle:


    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

  2. Thanks Petra,
    I saw it a few days ago, someone posted link on forum...

    I really did enjoy it....though I enjoy watching anything Wally does, he is amazing.

    I was going to blog about it, then got stuck with family affairs....so maybe i will get to that now....

    Have a great Thanks Giving
    Savvy On

  3. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your family - two and fourlegged :-)

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

  4. Hi Michelle
    I really like your review of Hempling's dvd 'Coming Together'. I was debating whether or not to buy it. I bought his first dvd and thought it was lovely but was much less instructional that I had hoped for. I also think you handled the Parelli "vs" Hempfling matter very well.
    Kristine Nesbitt
    Love2Win with Horses
    Austin, TX

  5. Thanks Kristine, I am certainly trying to be as objective as possible. and i am very much enjoying opening all these doors for myself and seeing all the different possibilities that await me.


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