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I suffered from a fear of failure, as things had not gone according to planned after my time off from my injuries. It had been an paralyzing disability (fear) but my healing is coming along nicely, and I hope to pass my level 4 before the end of 2011.

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Friday, December 31, 2010

WHR herd 10/22/10

Ok, so this is my first pitiful attempt at leading from behind. it was a couple months ago. I learned alot about scattering a horse during this....rather more like scattering a herd....rather more like causing THEM to be a tighter unit, and keep myself on the outside of thier priviledged little club.

Mistake #1 was before I even entered the pasture.....I chose to try to lead a herd before I knew how to lead one horse....DOH! So then....mistake #2....I didn't spend any time just hanging out with them, bonding, before I got all 'dictatorbitch' on them. Mistake #3....I put too much pressure on them the first time I sent them off. So basically I spent 15min trying to figure out what I was doing, that I screwed up in the first 5 seconds! Sad thing is that I really, in my mind at the time, didn't put much pressure on them.

So I played damage control, learning that my hill was steep and my horses swift! Of course you cannot hear me huffing and puffing during this....but I most certainly was. mistake #4....I really should have put the stick down, and figured out a way to just hang with them, as they really didn't let me close enough to even try....not that I did try. I did try not to pursue them, the best I could (hill and fat butt helped with that) as Carolyn describes when they leave you, faster than a walk, do NOT run after them, just keep walking at a snails pace pursuit.....again....my fitness level played into that well!! It does look like I am chasing them off, as they tear off away from me, and since you cant see me in the video, I thought I would share that bit of info. What you do get to see, is what I saw....or more like DIDN'T see....as I tried to work this out. You get a birds eye view of my energy pushing on thier bubble and scattering them....again and again and again!

You get to see a few of my missed opportunities to collect them.....and then....Snookie.....being the grand leader that she is.....she collects and then leaves with her belongings! I was schooled by the master. She is soo good that Miyagi joined in, and I wasn't even playing the game with her.

6min into this, I changed 'games' and went with taking territory....mistake #5....again....I should have been trying to do the first ritual, SHARING territory. Thankfully, around 9 min into it, I tried to share a little space with them, but as you can see at about marker 11:30...Snookie comes to yet again gather her belongings and I went bact to trying to lead from behind.....and off they went....two peas in a pod.....without me.....again. I realized I have ALOT to learn, and just quit to start fresh another day before I made things worse.

If you notice, through out the video. Spirit is smart enough to know when he is not in focus and just sits back and watches the 'fun'. Smart boy he is!

Savvy On.....
or not...


  1. I love that term "dictatorbitch". I do it myself way too often. You caught me...we are in the arena...go do this. Instead of taking a little time to establish rapport first.

  2. Thanks, I like it to....sums it all up doesn't it?

    It just dawned on me that when Snookie led thru dictatorbitch, Tigerlily was young and it was just the two of them, with fences. Snookie had spent 10+ years in a private corral and had no clue how to BE with horses, other than she was the boss. She could leave and thus Snookie didn't learn that her behavior would, in the wild, cause her to be a herd of ONE, and spend her days chasing horses. And since Tigerlily complied as to not get her butt whooped fiercely, Snookie never learned the error of her ways. Then lily dided and Rose was the one that had to pick up the shattered pieces of snookies loneliness.

    Rose being a dominant horse as well, no fences could make her spend her time with snookie, so snookie was forced to change. forced to learn to not scatter her.

    And exact mirror of what I am going thru, because when lily was alive, snookie didn't care about rose, and vice versa, so I was always EVERYTHING to Rose. She complied easily and I never had to 'go there' to 'prove' to her that I would go to phase4. the more i tried, the worse things got. I had no choice but to seek help outside of phase 4. our relationship was GONE and I had no clue how to get it back. I firmly believe WHR will do it. I just need it to stop RAINING!


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