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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DVD Review:** Nevzorov "Haute Ecole Principles"

Nevsorov Haute Ecole Principles. **

First let me start with....

The Good: 
I must say that the production of this film is top notch beautiful as though the money spent was for that of a box office hit.  The imagery and mastery of horsemanship are not to be missed.  You may not learn a whole bunch as it is clearly not educational in the traditional sense, but I think for the higher level student, there is something to be learned in just watching. His horses mover more correctly than any I have seen in quite some time, and all with out means of restraint.  No halter, no bridle, just a cordeo (rope around base of neck NOT near the head) and when lunging a lunge line.  The horses are taught to self collect, and are given the time to build these muscles correctly by not asking too much too soon for too long.  Careful consideration is given to building an athlete with out losing the horses innate spirit and sense of play. 

He gives an indepth description of how to use a cordeo safely, and explains just how vulnerable the horses trachea is to severe damage, in the area that most lasso's are placed when roping a horse.  You can clearly see that his use of it is VERY light, and most of what he does appears as if nearly by magic.  However I know better, and know there is alot of time put into the communication he has built.

He advocates giving frequent breaks for 'free play' that encourage a horse to be more willing to work hard and concentrate for short periods of time.  He also has a very kind way of 'touching' the horse with a twig and shows many examples of his touch.

The Bad:
He does give some very 'scientific biomechanical' explanations....so get out your horse anatomy atlas to interpret.  He is very against the use of halters as according to him they destroy balance.  Can't say that I can argue with him as I have never taught a horse in halter what he can do without one.  But that doesn't mean I am going to toss all mine in the fire just yet.  It's all fine and good within the confines of your own private indoor school, but when you are speaking of the liabilities of safety that most of us are limited to adhere to....a halter does make a bit more prudent if not 'legal' sense.  He goes on to remind that the lunge line should only be used when the horse is already well trained in hand.  In other words, lunging is dangerous to the horses body unless both the handler and horse are well trained. Hmm, after watching his horses 'lunge' how can one argue.  while maybe not practical for new owners, or even owners of good and decent education......HIS horses were stunning to watch.  Also not practical for the 40 and fat group is his own extended trot to match the horses extended trot.  It well make take me another 40ys to get that fit again!

The Ugly: 
He actually advises letting a highly charged stallion gnaw on him with NO reprimand.  To merely move on to the next move.....lethal at best for an inexperienced horse person.  Luckily HE is a master and handles it beautifully, an art form everyone should strive for.....At least he does give a warning at the begining that this is not an educational movie, and no attempts should be made to duplicate it without first understanding the schools principles.....Problem is....this IS his only 'educational' dvd ABOUT his principles......he apparently made it so he can say...."You're wrong in what you do, I am right in what I do.....but I will never reveal my secrets."  Now knowing how he feels about ALL things traditional, even in the new NH sense of the word, I have to say it is quite egotistical of him to think laying a horse on it's back for that long.....IS in any way natural or comfortable or biomechanically correct for the horse.  Tit for tat I guess, like a spade calling a spade....a spade.

CRAP....what's a girl to do??  Guess I will have to continue on in my mediocrity, because if this man had his way, us forty and fatties would be allowed to breath within a mile of a horse much less own and train one.  Sad thing is I would gladly send him money to learn how he teaches the "self carriage".  Oh well, my money stays just as green in my pocket his does.....he he...At least I learned a few things watching it and was mezmerized at it beauty.  He is a master horseman, there is no doubt of that.  One for a budding dressage queen to admire and aspire to for sure!

I have to say I only give this 2 stars as, only an upper level student will likely even be able to notice all the subtle and intricate communication, or understand the biomechanical correctness he strives for.  If you want to see what it online should look like....I give it 4 stars.  But have to knock it back to 2 stars for the fact that he doesn't tell ya HOW to do it.....

Savvy On


  1. Michelle,
    I love that you are posting your reviews here! Keep it up!

  2. Awww...thank you. I am actually really enjoying it. I see some common threads between the masters, and when I get my thoughts gathered into coherent explainable thoughts will be sharing those as well.

    Have a great Christmas!

  3. Hi Michelle,
    I LOVE your reviews too. Thank you for posting them. You have my admiration.
    Best Wishes!

  4. Thank You....just the boost I need after my treacherous day yesterday....May the egg nog flow thick and the mistletoe be plentiful

  5. I've also really enjoyed the reviews. Thanks for sharing & keep em coming!

  6. Thanks Alice.....you guys are SOOOO making my day!

    Merry Mistletoe!

  7. Michelle, thank you. I have since joined the Parelli savvy club. I now am able to do some of the 7 games at liberty. I am also working on having him kneel on1 knee. I have been teaching my horse natural collection with a bitless bridle. Then I give the same ques with the cordeo. You can become a master too by using something from everyone. Happy trails!!;-)


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