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Monday, December 27, 2010

5-5-5 I am soo mad.....rescue rant!

Well here goes, it was bound to happen that I one of my rescue operations were going to finally piss me off to the point I can't hold back.  So we rescued a $3500 Bull dog today.....and let me say....price per pound....about a dollar!  This dog is so fat he can barely move, breath or sleep.  Meet Bruiser.  He is 6yo, and clearly a big boy.  His nails were curled back under his paws and he could barely walk to the end of our driveway.  Bout as laid back as a dog can get, but he doesn't even know his own name.  He acts like he has never BEEN called anything.  He loves attention.  He was filthy greasy dirty.  I just can't understand why anyone would pay $3500 for a dog they won't take care of.  Clearly he was fed....but that appears to be it.

So I would really like to take the opportunity to remind everyone that OVER feeding is just as unhealthy as UNDER feeding.  If an animal is so fat it isn't functional....it is tooo FAT!  They do not have the ability to go to the store buy the food and over/under feed them selves.  Animals suffer the same types of disease from obesity that humans do, one of which is lethargy, which just exacerbates the problem.  Proper low carb diets are in order for all animals as sugars create insulin problems in animals as well as humans.  PLEASE take the time to learn how to properly feed your animal BEFORE you take it home.

Bruiser will be looking for a new home near immediately, we just could not leave him behind.  Being that English Bull Dogs are generally 'special' needs, we will be screening carefully for the right home for him.

We now have 5 horses, 5 cats and 5 dogs.....where is Dr. Doolittle when you need him?


  1. Being involved in rescue I think you would appreciate the humor you can find on you tube under Shelter Humor. It's really sad because it is so true but very funny how the animal control officer responds to the man. There are a few of them out there, but I think this one is the funniest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSUtuNk3c8s

  2. Well done Michelle! I have two rescue Bull Terrors and know how difficult it can be to rescue 'special needs' dogs. My two are very special! Bruiser looks sweet, I hope his diet goes well xxxxxxxxx

  3. OMG, that was hilarious!!! Thanks Fiesta.....so true....soooooo true!!!

    Cilla....kiss your pooches smooches for me...Bruiser went back....to a family member of the owner who promises to keep him on a diet and take care of his other needs too....fingers crossed it is all good for bruiser, he was soo 'sweet'


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