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Sunday, September 11, 2011

DVD Review:** Leslie O'Neil Olson: 5 Simple Steps to Success

Five Simple Steps to Secure Solid Success  **

Well, I was a bit disappointed in this dvd.  The part that disappoints me is that she really missed an opportunity to make a top notch dvd.  60-70% of the dvd was testimonials from students of hers.  I'm all for testimonials, but as the advertisement to watch the dvd, not the content OF the dvd.  More on that in a minute.  Of the other 30-40% nearly half was of a talking horse, cute but honestly I think it detracts from the credibility of the information.  Then what you have left is the actual explanation of the 5 Steps.  To add insult to injury.....it was a VERY short dvd.  

Now let me get to the good of the dvd....the information she presents is VERY valuable.  I like her style of classical riding and yes, the five steps are correct and classical and IS the proper classical seat, and you cannot go wrong following her steps.  In the few minutes of view-able riding, I can see that she definitely is upholding the sacred classical riding principles and not riding in the 'modern' dressage style.  If she was near me, I would be taking lessons from her for sure.  Her students are fortunate to have her available to them.  The problem is that this little bit information, is nothing you can't read in a good classical book, or take notes on 3x5 card, or that isn't already outlined extensively in other dvd's.  It is simply the few laws of good equitation that we have all heard (albiet have difficulty doing) a thousand times over the ages.  This is where she failed miserably as far as an educational dvd goes....

Ok, so you showed us WHAT to do, could you please tell us now HOW to actually do it?

The testimonials from her students would have been more valuable, had she shown video clips of before and after of her STUDENTS.  Maybe even shown clips of lessons with them, to show how she helps them get from point A to point B.  While proper equitation IS simple in design, it is far from easy to achieve....especially on your own without an eye on the ground.  There was a few minutes of clips of her journey 'before' and 'after' and even one clip of taking a horse she currently rides, and then riding him the wrong way to show the difference in him, and how it negatively effects him, but in my opinion it was far from enough to honestly TEACH the principles.  Also, she demonstrated the equitation 'laws' on a rider who was sitting still on a halted horse.  It would have been far more helpful to then also show the laws in movement as well.  And how you might go about changing bad equitation, in a lesson, and see the changes evolve in a rider going to good equitation.

She and her students do mention quite a number of times, that it is YOU who needs to change, not your HORSE.....no truer words could be said.....but it is far more difficult to do.

I gave this dvd 2**'s instead of 1*, because the information is in fact correct, though you can find other dvd's that are far more informative with more detailed information on the HOW to get your body to do the things in this dvd.

She seems like a warm, friendly and knowledgeable instructor, I only wish there was more content to this dvd.

Click here for more information on Leslie O'neal Olson

Savvy On

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