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I suffered from a fear of failure, as things had not gone according to planned after my time off from my injuries. It had been an paralyzing disability (fear) but my healing is coming along nicely, and I hope to pass my level 4 before the end of 2011.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

DVD Review:**** Dr Gerd Heuschmann: If Horses Could Speak

If Horses Could Speak ****

This is a must see for anyone who rides a horse, not just people who ride dressage.  It was very informative regarding the way horses move when we ride them, without having to watch a whole series of dvd’s.  It was in-depth,  but for the purpose of making a point, not for lengthy detailed bio-mechanical education.  There was enough in there that was scientific to educate you on why it is important to care about the way your horse moves. 

It really makes no difference if you are striving to be a grand prix dressage rider, or working toward passing L4 Finnesse or Freestyle…..you should care how your horse moves beneath you and around you.  As for being a classical dressage nut myself, I still don’t know how the world got so far away from the ideals of proper movement in favor of Rolkur and hyper flexion.  It is an atrocity how most upper level horses move, and how people are so uneducated that they cheer for it.  Cheering for a horse having stolen from him what god gave him, his grace and purity of gait and rewarding the thief with a gold medal.  Sickens me for sure.  We should not be asking a horse to do, what we have not prepared him properly to do.  To ask your horse to circle, while mindlessly letting him travel head high and crooked and then wonder why he is lame or has behavioral issues, is irresponsible at best. 

This video also speaks to, albeit not their intention, trainers of the western and natural world as well.  And to be honest, I am ashamed that I let my horse move so horribly, for so long, all in the name of the all mighty  ‘neutral’.  We must take care to realize that learning ‘neutral’ is vital…but it is a temporary tool…..and teaching the horse his responsibilities should also be a temporary tool.  We should not carry on for too long, ignoring the fact that our horse needs to move in a healthier way, and ignorance is not excuse.  True, if you exercise his mind, his body will follow….but at what sub-standard level of quality?  I am disgusted with myself, that I let my eye get so lazy to the bio-mechanics because I was so focused on the behavior.  I am grateful that I have watched this, and can make a change NOW….because it is never too late to start building the horse of your dreams.  Unfortunately, there are no quick routes to Rome though, it takes time to properly build an athlete, with out breaking him down before he even reaches his prime.  Time to get back on the path of classical training.  I give this dvd 4*’s, and invite everyone to look in the mirror, because whether we like it or not, intentional or not, educated or ignorant, either we are helping our horse or hurting him....there is no in between.
He also has a book titled
Tug of War...."Modern" versus Clasical Dressage
Click her for more info

Savvy On

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