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I suffered from a fear of failure, as things had not gone according to planned after my time off from my injuries. It had been an paralyzing disability (fear) but my healing is coming along nicely, and I hope to pass my level 4 before the end of 2011.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

I told you wierd things were happening to me, Right?

Ok, so some of the strangest things have been happening lately. I said I didn't want to talk about it and jinx it, but I just have to share now.....but don't think I am not knocking the hell out of my wooden desk as I type this.....

So I am not a lucky person.  Not being negative or anything, it is just my reality.  I have always been the person that is a day late and dollar short.  My best friend is the luckiest person and is always in the right place at the right time to get the deal of the century.  Any ways, ever since my lame settlement for my car accident....I won't go into details other than if ever a person could feel the pain of injustice, it is me over this. But it this three year ordeal is over now, I will have to live with my pain forever, and I am doing my best to just put it behind me, and put the scraps of my life back together, and just get on with life the best I can.

So back to what I was saying, ever since then, wierd GOOD stuff has been coming my way.  Now don't go crazy thinking I won the lottery or anything, nothing that exciting for sure, but good things none the less.  This week has been just another one to add.  It seemed like it wasn't good, as my mom has been in a terrible state.  Oh ya, my disabled mom lives with us, and last weekend had another horrible gall blader attack, and I had to to take her to the hospital on monday, she had surgery on tues, and she is still not well and may have another surgery.  We will know more tomorow.  So I had planned for my best friend (non horse person) to come visit me today and go for a trail ride.  It has been planned for over a week.  Well first my mom, then on thursday, my truck was having mysterious issues with the transmission that mysteriously went away, but I was still leary of hooking the trailer up to it.  Then it seemed as though my mom was to be discharged today with rain predicted for sunday.  We  found out last night she was not being discharged, so again I said 'whew'.  But then I woke up to husband saying "crap I have to go to work"....in his truck of course, and he got free tickets to the hockey game tonight and...he would probably be back in time for us to hitch up, and we would probably be back before he and my son need to leave for the game.  It would all be cutting it close though.  Then my friend was running late, and the stirrups were missing for my extra saddle, had to dig thru the tack room to find them, and time was just getting tighter and tighter.  Well it really seemed to me like there were just too many signs, one after another, pointing in the direction that I should NOT hook the trailer up and go the lake for a ride, and that I should just grow a pair, and take my friend around the neighborhood.....I have not in 2.5ys of living here, ridden the horses on the roads here.

Well I told my friend it felt like I was the person who had a gut feeling I should not get on the plane, so I dont, and then it goes down in a firey inferno and I was the one person spared by a 'feeling'.  She agreed. So off we went down the road, and I discovered that there are off road trails just 3 blocks away.  Both Rose and Snookie were GREAT.  We had lovely time....though I am in pain now....And I likely never would have had the courage to ride out my front drive way had there not been all these signs keeping me away from the lake today.  I am just tickled pink with the fact that my friend will be coming back again in a few weeks to ride again.  I may even have the courage to ride alone ponying Snookie from Rose.  Not an easy thing since my accident, but after having such a great ride, I feel confident that I 'could' if I so 'choose'.  Yet another wierd thing going my way in the last few weeks...almost like God is trying to appologise for letting me get screwed by someone else diving wrecklessly.  Hmm....now we will have to see if I jinxed my self talking about it.....just in case I don't want to mention the other mini-cool things that have happened....no need to push my luck!

Oh, and BTW....water hole rituals, Mark Rashid... strike again.  seems my new strategy is paying off with Rose.  While she was completely horrid when I put the saddle ON her, she for the first time did not make a face while girthing up!  2nd time I used my new girth.  She was annoying while tied....just being a nuisance....but I didn't let it bother me, and I didn't make a big deal out of it, and she was so much better.  I treated her like my FRIEND....rather than a means to an end....rather than getting MORE leadership....I became a better friend.....VIOLA.....Rose being a sweet horse again. 

Savvy On

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