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Saturday, January 15, 2011

DVD Review:**** Ray Hunt Ft Worth #2

Ft Worth Benifit disk 2 ****

Very important message from Ray Hunt at the end.....

The first part is a really good horsemanship surman by Ray.  The camera is mostly aimed at him, so not alot of colt starting to watch.  But what I could see, there seemed to be two categories, those that get it, and those that don't.  Probably would surprise many, who I think fits into each category.  I still, on this day two, see some ego.  Great technique, but little to no heart. There are some young guys there in the beginings of thier journey and they are off to a great start.  But quite a few, who have been around the block a few times, and it is telling what is NOT in thier hearts.  There are some guys out there, that I wish I knew there names as I would love one of them to start Cha'cote for me, there are others that I know thier names, and that name means nothing to me as I watch them, as I would not want them to touch my horse.  Again....I am thankfull that Pat is not one of those, and he could start a horse of mine for sure.  Anyways, imagine my surprise when I heard Ray say this....

"They're getting alot of things done, but they are missing alot of what i am trying to teach, they're missing what Tom was trying to get across,  I don't mean that wrong, there's so much to go, with what these boys are doing.  Nobody is doing anything wrong on purpose.  they might not have it figured out yet, but i bet they're not doing it to be wrong." 

Now I can only imagine being one of the trainer/riders there that day, hearing that....wondering who asked themselves..... is he was talking about ME?, or did thier ego say 'he's certainly not talking about me?

What your going to do with a horse sometimes is a great idea, but our presentaion isn't right...it isn't fitting what your trying to do, so back off and start over.....when the horse can't figure out what you want, then that is when he is trouble,

Words that stuck out to me.....In the midst of difficulty, there is alot of opportunity....if you get your mind set on one thing, they'll (horse) make it impossible for you....the animal has no pride or ego to get in his way....the horse is the most honest animal you can work with, he will tell you the honest to god's truth....it's amazing what the horse has to go thru to please the human....it's amazing what a horse does INSPITE of a human, not BECAUSE of a human....there is truth in the consequences, you gotta be able to handle the consequences otherwise your in the wrong business.....discipline is during the act or before the act, punishment is after the act, don't punish your horse, the horse does not need that and i will not allow that here....you're not going to take from the horse, without giving to him first....

Now here is where my review is going to go off the beaten path.  It kinda has to, because it is really alot different fromt the first dvd.  And the reason I give this part 5*s.  Ray kinda gets a bit passionate for a few minutes.  If I got to name this DVD I would have named it, "Surmon on the mount".  I think what he has to say here is VERY important, even if it is 10ys old.  There can really only be a handful of people he is talking about here, and that is all I am going to say about that.  As it is pretty self explanatory.  This surmon of Ray's though, is one more step in my journey.  Something I really needed to hear.  As a STUDENT.  It is the permission I needed to be ME, and to be A-OK with that as well.  I think he was speaking to the 'riders' in the colt start/clinic....even though most were putting thier colts away, but it is recorded for all time....right here on this little dvd.  Pay attention, he may just be talking to YOU.

"You ask my opinion of where you're at, you're all about the same.  Alot of people put a label on these people, you're in square one, or you're in square two, or you're a square five.  Who put them in THIER square? (those who invented "squares") Who told them where the hell THEY were at?  What a bunch of bullonie!  I won't go along with it.  They handicap thier students.  The student is probably ahead of them.  But they wouldn't admit it.  Alot of you folks are ahead of me.  I don't know nothin. But at least "I" know it.  But I'm not gonna handicap you."  ....***story about a guy who said he couldnt rope a cow because the horse was only a square 2 (green ridden 3weeks) so ultimately he did not rope it, because he had already made his mind up that it couldn't be done, self fulfilling prophecy***.... "see how he handicapped him self?  You get on a horses back, do the job.  Get it done.  But the people can't do that today.  My word.   And he was told he was a square two.  When he was a square three.  How can he get ahead?  Look where his mind is at.  How can he help his horse?  Sad, very sad.  That's a bunch of *** Who put them in that class anyways?  Who put them there?  They're probably, like i said, down the line no further than thier student.   I would never ever do that.  It's a cryin shame.  I want that student to be sharp and brite, and he can do what ever he can do.  And i would want to bring it out. I would want him to work at it.  Work is not a dirty word.  Don't you EVER think you can't do something.  Cuz when say you can't, you can't, cuz you said you couldn't.  Can't is not in my dictionary.  And I will not let it be in yours as long as your with me.  Because when you say you can't, you've already commited it to your wit.  There isn't such a thing as can't......***lot's more than i can type, mostly about his troubled horse he is on*** ....I'm proud of all of you....When I say where I tell you, where you are at.  It shouldnt' be an insult, I would never want it to be an insult to any of you.  But you've got a long ways to go.  But it's there to be had.  The world wasn't made in a day.  Set your goals high.  Stay on the same course you're on.  You can do anything you are capable of doing.........Be what you can be....let everything fall into line.  .....Some people with thier horse, it is so much better than it ever has been, that they are not going to try to seek out the rest of it.  Too much work, it aint worth it.  That dont make 'em wrong.  It's better than it ever was in thier life, so it's up to them what ever they want to do.  There is so much more to be had if they want it.  But it isn't worth it to alot of people.  It dont mean anything, it's worthless.  It means everything in the world to me.....

Really the whole dvd is a surmon on the mount.  straight from the horses mouth.  if you want to see/hear Ray in action, this is it, listen to the whole thing, as i have only jotted down what I dont ever want to forget.....and what I think NONE of us should ever forget.  So this review has gone a bit from a review....to a bit of a regular blog post.......

Take Note and 
Savvy On

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