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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Waterhole Rituals ~BFO~ part 2

I also had another observation, that I fogot about.

Waterhole ritual#2 saying hello.

So I have this mustang that I rescued on jan 1st. He was locked in a 12x24 stall for 6ys unable to be halter broke. I didn't want to throw him in with the herd until he was SOLID in being caught, AND since my herd wears blankies in winter due to no shelter, january is not the time to tell a horse that has had shelter for 6ys to suck it up and go without. i had no idea how long it might be before i could get a blankie on him.

I have been letting them be all together in the yard for the previous 6mos, and the girls were in LOVE with him. he however did not share the sentiments. but all was always well as there was grass to be eaten, and just no time for such things as strange geldings.

so it was about 6mos before i got the gumption to go ahead and let him in with them. Normally, Snookie is ALL over it, telling a new horse who is boss....HER of course......lots of squeeling and striking on her part. mostly show though.....but what a show it is. anyways, carolyn talks about how to approach a horse with thier permission. if they look away, to stop your approach and back away, then begin again. with all my parelli and other NH or traditional back grounds, this was not unfamiliar, but not something I felt was needed in most cases as my horse are almost always hard to get rid of, not catch. so i put him in there during feeding time, and spread the hay piles EVERYWHERE, so no one could dominate them all. he was out there for about 8hrs, and i did alot of observing. this was back in june btw, though nothing has changed since then when I turn him in with them on the weekends. Anyways....

I was shocked that NONE of the herd bothered him. they acted like he didn't even exist. you could see how terrified he was/is of them. And I think they saw it too.....once or twice Miyagi the mini mare or spirit the pony gelding, tells him where to go, if he walks up on them while they are eating. but other than that, NOTHING. I just have never seen MY herd do this, or any other horses for that matter, just plain let things be. But I also know, they have never seen a horse so afraid of horses either. I think they are doing just as Carolyn describes, and taking the time it takes to let him be ok with things, before they start telling him just how things are run around there.

I have to say, that this absolutely breaks my heart to see a horse who's needs to be a horse were so neglected he becomes terrified to be a horse. especially considering he was 3yo when captured. All the other skills required to be wild, he still has. you should see him scale the side of my rocky hill. he had not seen a hill in 7ys, but he looks like a mountain goat on it. my herd usually trips or jumps the hill to the ditch, not him, standing sure footed as ever a magnificent being could. yet he has NO social skills. He won't even inspect the pasture without me. he stands in the corner staring at the house waiting for me to come and get him. after a few months of this, he is starting to finally go to the water tank on his own with out me going to take him there, and the girls are in his corner right now, i THINK, instinctively to force him to venture else where, with out chasing him around it. Or could this be waterhole ritual #3, taking territory??  I think it just might be.  Maybe in a gentle and kind way, Snookie is taking his territory, so HE knows, she is the leader.  Meaning, there is a wise leader to keep him safe.....if he so chooses the safety of the herd.  watching them today, i noticed several times looking out the window, that he would be standing somewhere, and next time i look out the window, snookie and rose are standing there.  DUH michelle, of course it is WHR taking territory.....I am so glad to be able to witness this miracle known as the horse!

Just sad. I am glad that I am the "end all~be all" of his existence, but I really want him to be able to be a HORSE.

Savvy On

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