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I suffered from a fear of failure, as things had not gone according to planned after my time off from my injuries. It had been an paralyzing disability (fear) but my healing is coming along nicely, and I hope to pass my level 4 before the end of 2011.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sharing the trailer

Well, since the first time I took Cha'cote out for a drive, I didn't play with him for a few weeks, and certainly not wtih the trailer.  So when I finally did, he decided he is not a fan of a moving trailer, and basically refused to get in again.  At least for the first 50min.  So, he has missed out on two playdates because of me trying to not be direct line, trying to not be a predator, .......but man that is a toughy!  So I decided this week to try the sharring territory with him, a bucket of carrots and the trailer.  I got myself a chair, my "sharing territory" time book......"the faraway horses" by buck branneman.  Which I am enjoying very much.  I set up camp in the trailer and proceeded to read, and occasionally but a chunk of carrot in my book, when ever he would show interest in either frisking me, trying to get my attention, or put something else besides his head in the trailer.  If ever he move any foot even a teeny bit closer to the trailer, he would hear a clunk in the pristine pages of my book.  Lets just say that each and every page I have read, now has a brown, green or orange smudge on it.  A bit of slobber warping to the paper, and lots of dirt in the crreases of the binding.  There no doubt what page was read last, and I certainly have no need for a book mark.

We had a nice visit last night at the neighbors from a pair of lovely young doe's.  Cha'cote was not so thrilled with being in the trailer while they were there, but they sure were thrilled that he wasn't in his corral, so they could trim the weeds from the outside of his fence. In the end, I was hiding carrot chunks around the inside of the trailer for him to play "treasure hunt' with.  He seemed to think the trailer was a bit more interesting for sure after our time, and he enjoyed just hanging out with me there.  According to Carolyn Resnick, if they are pushy, they trust you.  For my shy skeptical boy, this is a good thing.  He was respectful and not nippy at all, and let me tell ya, he sure got ALOT of carrot bits the last couple of days.  I would have to say he is more respectful now than before in regards to eating things from your hand.  Lots of practice and lots of NOT pulling the treat away.  I just kept my hand in a fist, fingers down, until he sniffed my hand softly, and then I would turn my hand over to share the goodie.

I would like to take him to another playday soon, but am not willing to push him.  I have decided also to park my trailer in a more accesible "play" place, so we don't let so much time go by between sessions.  The pool is coming down tonight, at least we have started the slow draining process, and I hope to get some sort of "territory" pen contructed soon, for some 1-1 time with my fur babies!

Savvy On


  1. your not dead! Phew I was actually panicking that you might have died as you have not replied to my email for nearly 2 weeks. not sulking at all, nope nope nope. Did you get my card? :D xxxx

  2. What......I thought I did.....let me check my out box. I hate the new format! No i didn't get a card. I just got this comment too. My mom was in a bit of a car accident in our front yard today, is at the hospital now, waiting for xrays on both her legs. I think she is fine, so did the paramedics and highway patrol, but they just want to be sure. so here we sit for 5 hours, they are packed in the ER today!


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