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I suffered from a fear of failure, as things had not gone according to planned after my time off from my injuries. It had been an paralyzing disability (fear) but my healing is coming along nicely, and I hope to pass my level 4 before the end of 2011.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

All is well that ends...er um....(well?)

Well this sure has been a crudy week for me. Tonight has gone right along with this weeks theme of terrible things that end....OK. Rose is fine. Wheew! So I plan on doing more with her this weekend. I will just have to back off a little on the firm, take a hit in the "leadership" "respect" department, so I can leave with a sound but slightly evil horse. After a dazzling experience at wal-mart, I figured I would just let everyone graze together tonight and play with no one......I will come back to that thought in a minute. I turned Cha'Cote out first and then the herd. Everyone was getting along famously, grazing and occasionally slutting up to him. Something out of a fantasy movie for sure. I came in and started to play on the puter. I remembered that I ordered pizza delivery and that they should be here any moment, so I ran out to put everyone away and open the gate. They were all in the back yard, and when I came thru the door, Rose immediately headed for the pasture gate with Snookie in tow. Hmmm, how interesting? She usually is playing games NOT to go in there. So I hurried along and nudged them thru the gate. Then I saw Cha'Cote in there. Ahhhhh, I knew it wasn't because I magically found some secret hidden horse whisperer skills. I shut the gate and rounded up Spirit and Miyagi. Just then the pizza girl shows up. Cha'Cote looked fine and all was calm, so I got my dinner and decided to eat before I got him out. Little did I know, it was not the right call. It is now pitch black, just slightly darker than when I put them away. However, I am now trying to catch a recently halter broke wild mustang, on a hill, with a ton of rocks, 3 evil mares and a nosey gelding, with a flash light. Hmmmm. He of course, was in the lower farthest corner. I get there and Snookie and Rose decide that he belongs to them, and I need to just go back in the house. I shoo them away, and manage to get up and pet him, get the rope around his neck, and here they come again. He freak and got away from me. Of course he makes it up the highest, farthest corner, waits for me, then heads back down. Lather rinse repeat........6 times. The mob followed him everywhere which didn't help. Each time he wanted more to come to me, I know I am the only safety he has ever known, but he was just to scared to trust anyone or anything. Finally, he let me really rub him again, and I really took my time before I went for the rope. Success. I don't know how a raging migrain is success, but somehow it is.

The second the halter was tied, he instantly relaxed, till we got to the gate. I love how when things are thier idea, it's not scary. How do I get him to squeeze thru a 4 ft gate, that he doesn't want to go thru, with out Snookie barging her way over him. I didn't really think acting a fool to get them to leave, would be productive for him. So I crossed my finger and prayed. The third time I asked she shot thru like a bullet leaving a gun. Yanked my arm.....I was hoping he would turn and face, which he did 20 feet after I let go of the rope to quickly shut the gate. Now in the light I could see he had a boo boo. Of course. I nice 50c coin size rub on his neck. Now I gotta go looking thru the boo boo goo, to find one that doesn't use ozone depleating aerosol.....you know the kind that scare scared horses. Nothing that squirted or burned to bad. Not that I have experience using and being burned by any.....dork....and none that were true goooo. Luckily, I have something that worked out great. Set it down and noticed a nice cut on his cheek. Dangit. He was not so appreciative of me doctoring that one. Did I mention his previous owners are coming tomorrow to see him? GREAT! The walk all the way back to his corral was completely uneventful. Whew. My head is now pounding.

Now back to my little thought in the beginning. Am I just kidding myself that I just wanted to let everyone graze, or is that this stupid shattered confidence rearing it's ugly head? This IS the first week of no rain and longer days. I have really only been playing on the weekends for months, which has been a huge improvement for me. Not alot of pressure. Doing what HAD to be done with Cha'Cote. So it was EASIER to do things, as they HAD to be done. Now it is just for my enjoyment, and includes Rose and moving forward with my levels auditions. Hmmmm. Too much too soon? I don't know. We will see how I feel in the morning. I am going with a friend to play with her mini and video tape something for her ad for him as he is for sale. Picking up a cradle bridle to try out on Snookie then coming home to get Cha'Cote ready for his visit. I was feeling on top of the world a week ago, what a mighty long fall this was. I think I have caught myself before hitting rock bottom. Only time will tell.

Savvy On


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