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I suffered from a fear of failure, as things had not gone according to planned after my time off from my injuries. It had been an paralyzing disability (fear) but my healing is coming along nicely, and I hope to pass my level 4 before the end of 2011.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

DVD Review: * Syliva Burrage ~ Piaffe etc.

Piaffe, Passage, Musical Reinless Riding

I got this dvd, because after my thorough enjoyment of the “Piaffe Revealed” dvd set, since Riz credits this trainer as one of his mentors, I thought I would check it out. What a disappointment. Man I hate this. I honestly do. But as a parelli student, I can guarantee you, you will NOT like this dvd…..and honestly I would hope most anyone else would not as well. I give her props for what she can do, but not in the manner in which she does it. Let me say, she never beat her horse or anything else like that…..but if this were the only way to learn piaffe….I would have to just pass and never learn it. While she stated one of the horses was quite hot and wild prior to commencing learning piaffe, and that learning it has calmed her down…..it sure did NOT appear that she was ready mentally for a grueling lengthy session. When the ‘gentle’ demand to perform exceeds the horses ability…..you get the same results as if you had ‘forced’ him to do it with less 'gentle' methods. And, while she was getting a lofty piaffe in hand, she was not getting the same results in the saddle. Now I don’t have an issue with that per’se……UNLESS…..in the beginning you degrade others for the exact same thing…..and ‘sell’ yourself as the answer/solutiong to the problem…..and…..THEN…..exhibit the same sort comings you say your program circumvents. I also just flat did not agree with her method of teaching passage. Though I have never done it before, so quite obviously am not an expert……like I said before….IF…..’that’ is the way to do it……NO THANKS…..I’ll pass. I went straight to my friend and said if I ever look like that, you better slap me off my horse immediately. With all that said, I did learn one teeny thing in the length of a 1 min span….and that was a stick technique to teach the ‘hop’ phase. It was a good ‘visual’ for me, so I totally ‘get’ that part now, though I may end up doing it differently.

Considering I have seen other ways to teach Piaffe, ways that suit MY style and what I am sure my parelli friends style would be, as well as most likely classical dressage buffs style…..I would like not to give it any stars at all, I have to give it one star….because it is a good example of how I ‘do NOT’ want to look…..but you might glean an idea or two like I did. Again, I have reviewed well over 100 dvd’s in the last year, few have been such a disappointment. Again I just want to remind everyone, this is MY opinion, of the dvd alone, and I recommend if you feel I am not worthy to judge anything…..please review the dvd for yourself and make up your own mind……cuz trust me…..I hate being disappointed like this….I would have much rathered been fascinated and inspired and writen a great review…And truth be told, I have seen parelli students do it WAY better.

Click here get more Info about Sylvia Burrage.

Savvy On


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