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I suffered from a fear of failure, as things had not gone according to planned after my time off from my injuries. It had been an paralyzing disability (fear) but my healing is coming along nicely, and I hope to pass my level 4 before the end of 2011.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Classical Dressage day 1...video

Shoulders in, leg yields, turns on HQ/FQ....I really wanted to have a 'before' video....something to compare things to when the winter is over, and I have spent the cold months......working on WALK. The basic classical principles I am adhering to at this point are.....Poll is the highest point, stay straight, keep forward momentum all with light contact. Being that I am restricted to walk for a while....and walk is the easiest gait to screw up.....I don't want to add the pressure of being on the bit. for all intents and purposes....Rose only has the equivelent of 30-60 days under saddle.....spread over quite a number of years, and I have only had the bit in her mouth @ 10 times. So it would be REALLY easy to cause her to resent the bit, lose impulson, over bend her neck and have c2-3 be the highest point, lose purity of the gaits and get sour to being riden....so for now....poll high, forward and straight on light contact is my only requirements. If things go well, I will play with inside leg to outside rein.....

One thing I noticed watching the video back is how much and how easy it was to get going with the shoulder ins and leg yields with contact. I struggled for YEARS with Snookie to get her to understand how to move her hind end. she found shoulder in easier...but still it was years before i learned how to do it....and with Rose, this was a breeze.....so easy....we over did it and got 4 tracks instead of 3. Which is a suppling excersize too, so i am not going to complain. Again, todays only pain was putting my sock on.

Savvy On

Lyrics to the first song in the video...which I think are so fitting and the reason i chose it.

"Tangled Up In You"
by Staind

You're my world
The shelter from the rain
You're the pills
That take away my pain

You're the light
That helps me find my way
You're the words
When I have nothing to say

And in this world
Where nothing else is true
Here I am
Still tangled up in you

You're the fire
That warms me when i'm cold
You're the hand
I have to hold as I grow old

You're the shore
When I am lost at sea
You're the only thing
That I like about me

How long has it been
Since this storyline began
And I hope it never ends
And goes like this forever

In this world
Where nothing else is true
Here I am
Still tangled up in you


  1. Nice Michelle! I thought Rose was a senior horse, she seems to have no problems with these movements! My only comment would be the rhythm. If the steps could be done with more rhythm and relaxation, perhaps by asking less, it would look more harmonious. Considering her limited riding time and yours due to your boo boos, that was fabulous. I just won a fluidity on eBay and am looking forward to try more of what you are doing. Perhaps, I will get the courage to send you a video!

  2. Thanks Roxanne, and I couldn't agree more about the rhythm. She is 14ys old. I rescued her as a 5yo, put 30 days on her and re-homed her. her new human rode her a hand full of times over 3ys and then I bought her back. spent a year getting her to the the then L3 and getting over my fears I acquired from a rescue with bad bucking issues. Just as we were beginning to canter I got in my car accident and that was 4 ys ago. I have ridden her maybe a total of 15 times over the last 4 years. I have not ridden anything other than green beans for 13ys, so my dressage is more than a little rusty and my body is certainly not the athletic one it was when I quit. This is our first time doing more than "freestyle" and she can also be an obstinate LBE. rhythm is HIGH on my list as basic quality.....but first I have to get her to agree to listen to me....and then get my body to agree to listen to me LOL!!! This is our starting point and hopefully, fingers crossed, next time you see us we will be more fluid and harmonious. Congrats on the 'fluidity' win. I too am working those issues out in my body.....but am forgoing the desired 'freestyle' "balance point" and directing myself toward a classical seat.....but the rest of 'fluidity' is perfect for being able to get in harmony with the horses movements.

    I just am so tickled pink that she is this 'green' and yet we are light years ahead of how long it took to learn it all the first time around.

    Happy Holidays


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