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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cox Wins Road to the horse 2011 with Parelli and Anderson

Honestly the true winners were Pat and Chris's colts.  it was evident from the first second that we were dealing with three very different sets of principles in regards to horse training.  Clinton and his horse fought most of the time and both nearly passed out from the pressure and fight that Clinton seemed to induce in this colt.  Both wringing and dripping with sweat, panting and likely near blind.  Yet at the same time, Pat and Chris had very different ambiance in thier round pens.  I think Chris could have done even better if he started off with a little less pressure on his colt in the beginning, but he was really good with release and retreat.  Clinton not so much.  Chris and Pat gave thier horse frequent breaks, Clinton, not one for the first hour and a half.  Pat did an amazing job of gaining this colts confidence right from the start.  He made it look easy.  I believe i missed round 2, but watched round 3.  clinton first, then cox, then pat.  I was astounded at the amount of fight clintons colt had during the obstacle round.  my personal opinion is that he created every ounce of it and that horse will likely forever be traumatized by a bit. 

chris did a great job staying out of his colts mouth, and helping a VERY unconfident colt trust him.  Pat's colt was started just the way i would want my horses started.  Kind, gentle, with confidence building first.  and in a hackamore.  preserving his mouth.  I personally think pat should have won, as his colt was the 100% hands down winner of a good start in life.  Pat bought the colt last night and named him partner.  he will be doing weekly updates of his progress and taking him to texas to his colt starting event.  Both Pat and Chris deserved to win.  Clinton....not so much.  I would never want a horse of mine started that way.  Clinton needs to open his eyes that he is skilled and could be so much better if he looked inside not only his heart, but also the heart of the horse.

When this comes out on dvd, it will be worth watching and would give this 5*****'s, just so you can see black and white right in front of your very eyes.  While still not a fan of weekend warrior colt starting, I was a fan of Pat's this weekend, that colt of his was offered a great deal and he took it.

Savvy On

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  1. Great blog recap of the weekend. Thanks for posting! I'm with you that I don't care for these rushed colt starting weekends and think this is more about the clinicians than it is about the horse which pretty much goes against everything natural horsemanship is supposed to be about BUT since some feel for entertainment and revenue purposes this is important I am proud of Chris and Pat.


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