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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Waterhole ritual #1 ~ Sharing Territory ~

Well, an interesting turn of events for sure.  I am excited to be with my horses.  More than that, I am inspired.  I have not felt this way in a very long time.  I can't remember the last time I was inspired like this.  Has to be more than 3ys ago.  I rented Carolyn Resnicks waterhole rituals.....gotta love giddyupflix.com.  What a magical store!  So I watched the whole thing, and read some notes, and then watched rituals 1 & 2, then headed out to just be with my horses.  But in a way like I never have before.  It is like undemanding time with a different perspective.  I think this will be the answer to the puzzle....."what is wrong with my relationsip with Rose".  And that has me all kinds of excited. When I read some clinic notes on her Waterhole Rituals, it sung to my soul.  Turns out, I instinctually was doing these with Cha'Cote.  To say that our horses are our best teachers, if we are ego'less enough to listen, is an understatement at best.  So when I saw her actually DO them, I knew I was onto the treasure of the century.  It is way more than horsemanship, it is a very spiritual way to be with your horse.  Probably the most natural thing I have ever seen in my life.  It isn't training, it is an enhancement to training, and if it were the first thing done with a horse, would solve more problems before they ever become created.  So there is my schpeel....here is how it went.

Now I have done undemanding time a 1000 times with my horses, but her idea of the horses having to court the leader, to learn the manners of the herd, set forth by the leader, I knew this is where some of Rose's problems are stemming from.  We have been in a dominance battle, and that is a behavior entwined between lower members of a herd, NOT the leader.  So I brought out my chair, and Buck Brannamans book "the faraway horses" and copped a squat to just be and share thier territory.  I have to say that I am pleased that ALL my horses want to be with me immediately, and all were VERY respectfull of my space, and had GREAT manners as far as I was concerned.  But still all over me like a cheap suit!  Miyagi was the first to gently frisk me, but before she could finish her investigation, Snookie and Rose came up.  At this point, I hadn't even had time to locate the first chapter of my book.  Which BTW is soo far very well written, at least the 2 pages I managed to read.  So here I sit, Snookie caressing my hair and neck.  Rose was at her side, pondering if I was worth her time. 

Since I felt Snookie had good manners I let her continue, and watched out of the corner of my eye Rose trying to scootch forward with out my noticing her.  Finally she edged her way infront of Snookie to give me a peek, and then she pinned her ears and ground her teeth and snaked her head at Miyagi. I felt this was rude so I got up and moved a few feet over.  She looked curious and both followed me quickly.  Still behind me a bit, Spirit approached me in the front, but was hesitant of the dynamic duo over my shoulder.  His curosity was KILLING him.  Miyagi was content with her strip search and stayed close, but far enough from Rose to start taking a nap, but faced me the entire time.  Again Rose was rude, but this time to Spirit.  Up I got and moved 3 ft again.  I am on a hill, so positioning is critical here.  Rose was now irritated at my behavior and left and snookie joined her.  Spirit finally got his time to investigate me, and of course my book.  He took it in his mouth, and since he is sensitive, I did not reprimand him, I just got up and moved again.  He came back and started licking me.  He is a licker!  Now jealous, Snooke comes back, for good I might add.  Rose right behind her.  Snookie came right up and claimed me, her knees right up against my bum.  I pet her gently some more, and as I sat there I was thinking that there is no better way to spend my final days/years with her, than this.  I was so peaceful.  Then Rose....came up and was behaving, I reached up to pet her and she bit at me.  So I chased her away strongly, then glared at her when she finally stopped and looked at me.  To my surprise, Snookie stayed with me.  Spirit got just close enough for me to reach my hand out as far as i could, he stretched as far as he could and licked my fingers.  Rose came back, sniffed me, and we had a few words (eye contact) as gave poor spirit a glare.  Previously I would have been filled with pride that my horses were fighting over me, but this is feeding her dominance, and lessening my leadership, thus to be part of the herd....MY herd, she has to behave in my pressence.  Now she was more infront of me, facing away.....I let her be there as long as she kept an eye on me....the second she glared at him again, I slapped her butt and sent her on strongly again. 

She left circled the herd and cam back in at my shoulder and this time she had a sweet expression as she approached me.  She did not change her expression, and investigated me again.  I pet her as a reward for being so polite and havin good manners, and this time she accepted my favor.  There was a softness to her face I have not seen in a while.  I sat there stoking her and snookies muzzles until they both were so close to me it felt like snuggling on the couch with a date!  You know the kind of infatuation where you just can't be close enough to someone.  But not in a rude or pushy way.  A mutual way.  it was nice.

My spirit is filled with wonder and excitement as I was with my herd, and they were WITH  me.  Everyone ended with eyes closed and napping with me while I finally got to read a page just as the sun set on the tip of the mountain.

I will repeat this again tomorrow and add the second ritual 'hello".  I am hoping that I can get to the third on friday with Rose as I think this is exactly what we need to finally move forward again, with nothing to brace against.

Savvy On


  1. Enjoyed reading this. I've been planning to get this book eventually. Think I'll have to go ahead & check it out.

  2. Thanks Alice, I am thrilled with the results, and plan on getting the book myself. Right now, limited funds, so giddy up flix is making fast work of getting into the minds of a few more master horseman and women quickly. I hate to say, I just wasn't finding the answer I needed in parelli to help me with Rose. I couldn't take it anymore. It was killing me that she hated/disrespected me so badly. So far so good. I highly recomend her dvd's.


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