"A horse is like a mirror, and it's reflecting what and who you are."

This is just a little diary of my horse life. I teach natural horsemanship and dressage. I am currently working on getting back to L4 Parelli after a car accident and surgery.

I suffered from a fear of failure, as things had not gone according to planned after my time off from my injuries. It had been an paralyzing disability (fear) but my healing is coming along nicely, and I hope to pass my level 4 before the end of 2011.

I don't know where I am going, but I am NOT lost!

I am now reviewing dvd's and books, and blogging my reviews. The link on the left in the categories (DVD Clinician Reviews)will take you straight to it. You will find links to the websites of all dvd clinicians I review and they are located on the left hand side bottom of page of the page. None of the clinicians or trainers I am reviewing, sponsor, endorse or authorize this site. For more info about them please click on thier link.

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Savvy On,

I will be giving Savvy Star Ratings based soley on my opinion of it's value to a parelli student as such

***** Must own

**** Must watch

*** Worth watching, but you won't die without it

** Eh' take it with a grain of salt, you will have to filter alot

* OK, but there is better stuff out there to spend your time and money on

0 stars....skip it, it just isn't worth your time.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Very excited about the next shipment of dvd's....ooooooh

Well, I got lucky and finally two dvd's i have been waiting for are available while it's my turn to get some dvd's.  usually they are "temporarily out of stock" when i am exchanging dvd's....quite popular they are.  Two of the next shipment are about the dreaded sitting trot!  It is really something i could never get down very well as Snookie had such a springy back and i had her well engaged and thru.  Now that I am 15ys older and quite a bit fatter and out of shape then i was back then.....i figured i needed all the help i could get.  One of the dvd's is Mark Rashids asumedly using Aikido principles, which i love....and the other is my beloved Mary Wanless...the guru of rider biomechanics.  The other two dvds are "Classical Schooling 1-2" with Kalman de Jurenak and 'Understanding the Neck' with Cathy Morelli.  I will be pacing back n forth in front of the mail box waiting for my little orange envelopes......in total anticipation of golden nuggets galore! They 'should' be here before the weekend.  We'll see.

My knee is doing well and i hope to ride at least twice this next weekend.  I also checked on the day light hours saving time thingy ma jig, and it starts on March 11th this year until Nov 4th.  Just two more months and i will be able to ride during the week again.....that will be a bit harder to wait for.  This weekend if i can work on my dressage sat n sun, i will hopefully be able to trail ride with a friend on monday.....HOLIDAY....no work that day!

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