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I suffered from a fear of failure, as things had not gone according to planned after my time off from my injuries. It had been an paralyzing disability (fear) but my healing is coming along nicely, and I hope to pass my level 4 before the end of 2011.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DVD review: *** Smokie Brannaman ~ Roundpen

Hooked on Round Pen Work ***
I was pleasantly surprised by this dvd.  Based on his description of using Andersons methods, I guess I was expecting something drastically different than what was on the dvd.  As a parelli student, i would say it is a good and interesting look at maybe a different way of getting a horse to want to be with with you.  And I would have to say that upper level students or anyone who is dealing with rescues, unhandled colts or wild horses, would benifit from watching this.  While it is basically similar to parelli principles, there is some differences in technique.  IE: missing the 'send'..and 'nuetral' (more about these later)...other than that, I don't see anything that contradicts parelli in concept or principle. 

Now here is a really good compliment coming.  In my new journey, for my own education, I have adapted a screening process for deciding if I like a concept, technique, method or trainer. 

First.....How would I feel if I was that horse?  Would I mind being the horse of that human?  For this dvd and for Smokie, I would have to say he gets high marks in this category.  Based on the dvd, I would not have minded being the horse.

Second.....does this concept/technique make sense and is it getting the results they say it is?  Again....for Smokie...YES!

Third.....Would I send my fragile RBI Mustang 'ChaCote' to him to be started?  This is a VERY short list for me.  Seriously....less than 5 people so far have made it on that list.  I have to say......based on what I saw so far....Yes I would.

I liked his philosphies, they align well with being a parelli student, yet there is enough different that makes it worthy of watching.  In other words, we havn't seen it a 1000 times already.

The basic purpose of his technique is to get a horse to "hook on".  Something like Monty Roberts 'join up' meets parelli 'catching game'.  No reason you could not add a 'send' into the techniqe he is using to make things a teeny bit clearer for both horse and human.  He does not do the stand in the middle 'neutral'.  Personally I have deleted that one from my list of 'rules' anyways, and have demoted it to a temporary tool, so two thumbs up there, as long as you find an in motion 'neutral'.  This I find also aligns with WHR "leading from behind".

I liked that he also, takes the time to just BE with the horse before he starts to make ANY requests.  Which also kinda goes along with WHR #1....Sharing Territory.  He gives the horse time to settle into thier surroundings, and also to 'settle' with his presence.  This is something that few trainers or owners do, that I feel could very well be standing in the way of your success if it is lacking.

He also does not seem to promote drilling a horse, or running it raggad, to wear it out, and have the "hook on" be due to fatigue, fear, or dominance.

I have to say that it is evident in watching Smokie with the horses in his presence, that he truley cares about the horse.  But more than just caring, honestly treating them like a friend.  I like that....ALOT....so for people who are not parelli students, and thus have not seen tons of videos already....I give this 4****'s, definately a must see, and is a good educational dvd.  I didn't fall asleep, and I was interested listening to him.  He has the Language, and the Leadership, and most importantly....the LOVE!

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