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I suffered from a fear of failure, as things had not gone according to planned after my time off from my injuries. It had been an paralyzing disability (fear) but my healing is coming along nicely, and I hope to pass my level 4 before the end of 2011.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Nailed a Horsenality down 12-16-09

Completely in fashion with the season, the weather man cannot predict the weather. It did not rain, so I paid the mustang another visit. It is vital for his success that I get as many sessions done in a row that I can. A gap at this point will only mean a back slide. Maybe not a big one, but a back slide none the less. I wish I had a video camera as it seems I have never been able to capture on video any of my initial work with difficult horses. Only the images in my head remain. Anyways, I started out in his stall again, and was able to get to the point where we left off last night in only a few short minutes, tossing the whip over his back and legs and petting his neck. I sent him out to the round pen and he immediately faced up and begged not to have to run around. He only walked more than 5 feet away from me one time, went ¼ lap and came right back. I was able to get my hand on his poll and teach him to lower his head. I was also able to get to his left side about 10ft away at a 45 degree angle to his shoulder. He would let me stand there for a minute then walk to me. As long as I don’t show him my palm, I can walk right up to him and pet him now. And last night was the first night, that I can recall ever seeing him blink at all. He had a huge lick chew session, where he actually rolled his eyes back in his head. Was the first time he yawned and opened his mouth when he lick and chewed. It lasted about 2 minutes.I was just filling out the horsenality chart for him. It is hard to tell with a wild, scared to death horse. I wasn’t sure if he was more of a right brain introvert or extrovert and now I know why. He has 7 dots in each quadrant. However ALL of his dots in the RBE are in the extreme range (a couple I even put on the super extreme) and in the RBI quadrant, 3 are in the mild/moderate. As far as the Left brain side, he has 2 dots in the LBE and none in the LBI. I have also looked again at the strategies for both RBI/E and thought about how he has reacted to my attempts at both. Based on his reactions to RBI strategies, he does not respond well to me be being really quiet , slow , soft and waiting. It seems to scare the bageezers out of him. On the other hand, While it is too soon to determine what he will be when he becomes confident, I suspect it will be an LBE with RBI tendencies, which is probably why I am drawn to him. I tend not to be drawn to, in fact I with-drawl from, introverts. He reminds me of our little Shetland Spirit who is an RBI with LBE tendencies.Being that he seems to be in the extrovert category, he will always need STRONG leadership. And this little guy was so lacking any leader ship for so long, it is no wonder that he is so scared. There are a lot of gentled mustangs there. But he is a hard case. Besides his natural un-gentled behavior, some of his behavior is learned. He has 5 yrs of out lasting a predator and watching humans give up and go away. He was round penned and not asked/allowed to disengage and come in, so staying out there is what he thinks he is suppose to do. At times over the last 5 yrs he has had someone who was able to brush him on his right side and feed him carrots. My biggest concern at this point is those feet. One front hoof is quite long and low, the other is short and high. Since I trim all my horse’s feet myself, I dare to think of how hard this will be to get done. Since the car accident I cannot be bent over for long and usually one hoof will do me in for the day. But, one thing at a time…….gotta get that halter on!
Savvy On

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